Google information to a specialized team in graphics drivers to carry Vulkan Android


One of the next developments are expected to arrive in the next major update of Android support New low-level API graphic Vulkan , multiplatform OpenGL successor and rival Microsoft DirectX 12 and Metal Apple.

ya Google announced last summer , Vulkan allow squeeze the graphical power of our devices , games that use the new API will go smoother and better graphic effects, since being low level He will go straight to hardware, to reducing bottlenecks, make good use of multiple processing threads, reduce battery consumption and increase the number of potential draw calls, among other innovations. Game stoppages will now be able to go completely fluid Vulkan


Since Google announced that Android bear Vulkan have not heard until now. Now we know that the company specialized in 3D graphics technology for LunarG improve the performance of graphics drivers has been divided in two. The group for desktop systems with the help of Valve Vulkan continue support for Windows and Linux. The group mobile company now Google will bring Vulkan Android . Jens Owen, co-founders of LunarG said:

We are delighted that LunarG has grown into a key center of the Vulkan experience, and are excited by our mobile team members to join Google. With the support of the Vale, the team LunarG SDK will continue to support Windows and Linux desktop development Vulkan, both for independent hardware vendors and ISVs and developers of game engines.

LunarG continue to work closely with Khronos (OpenGL parents and Vulkan) to Realize as soon as possible this new new-generation API . Later this year the launch of the first version later this year is expected. Android is expected to arrive throughout 2017, perhaps with Android 7.0

More information. | LunarG
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Google information to a specialized team in graphics drivers to carry Vulkan Android
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November 26, 2015

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