Google Maps received in Spain the Waze incident alerts


few months ago, when we announced the purchase of Waze by Google, many expected the possibilities that would result from their services together with Google Map s. Initial declarations seemed to indicate that Google preferred to keep Waze as an independent Maps, but the truth is that since then users have begun to see new developments that clearly result from the purchase.

The main one is the ability to see incidents may be occurring in our path. For example, an accident that is causing deductions can be easily avoided by using this feature. To do so, Maps now access the Waze database, created by the users that report and report such incidents.


If you sound this new feature, is because it is so new. Actually now three months running or, but its release has been restricted to only a minimal amount of countries. Although many users of Spain claimed that they worked, actually this function was never officially our country. That ended today with the opening of the service to 46 countries , whose Maps users will now be able to see those incidents Waze, this time it officially.

Now only wait what kind of developments will be able to take off Google sleeve with the genius of the creators of Waze.

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Google Maps received in Spain the Waze incident alerts
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November 12, 2013

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