Google phone is updated with a “slide to answer”, which is already available in APK

Google Phone 5.1

After the announcement of the new Google Pixel a little more than a week, the hope was that the system images were to leak and so it was. In addition to the new Pixel Launcher that was already extracted from the package, the developers have followed through and now it is the turn of the apps of Google.

Currently Google Phone, Phone to friends, is in the version 4.1, but in system images of the Pixel removed version 5.1 with a number of developments affecting the design, in addition to other changes such as the option of swipe up to answer calls.

Google Phone 5.1

Google has given a facelift to the system with the new Pixel and the app Phone also has undergone some changes at the level of the interface. In the above image you can see the design of the interface during a call in the current version to the left and the new 5.1 on the right.

the design of The new bet by look more minimalist that stands out for the round icon that presides over the screen and displays the identity of our interlocutor. In the central part are placed the icons with the usual tools (mute, keypad, speaker, and add call) and below the button to end the call, all on a background of translucent that lets you see the wallpaper you have chosen.

Google Phone 5.1

The appearance of the interface when we receive a call has also changed and here is where it appears the most important innovation. Currently in version 4.1 we have that swipe to the right to answer but with the update you will be able to answer, sliding up as shown in the image to the right, while to hang simply slide down.

As we said, the new version has been extracted from the system image of the Pixel and can already download format APK. Of time it has worked correctly for users of Nexus 6, Nexus 6S and Nexus 5X, but has not been confirmed compatibility with more computers. What is a prerequisite is to have Android 6.0 Marshmallow or a higher version.

Via | Android Police
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Google phone is updated with a “slide to answer”, which is already available in APK
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October 13, 2016

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