Google Play lets of notify by default the app updates

Google Play stops notify by default the app updates

One of the new features of Android 10 is the categorization of notifications on silent or not. Those notifications silent still showing on the display the notification panel, but its icon does not appear in the status bar. That is to say, do not know that you have notifications of an app until desplegas this is a panel. The Google Play behave this way.

to add to the confusion, some users reported on Reddit problems with the notifications from Google Play, which does not alert that there are updates pending applications or stop to send a notification when you have upgraded an application.

notifications from Google Play, silent

Are two different topics but both may have an impact on to learn more about the work of Google Play by the notifications. First of all, in Android 10 notifications on Google Play are categorized as notifications silent (or subtle, or simply “silence”, according to the translation of the layer of Android).

This means that notifications appear in the notifications panel, but only when you deploy it in full. Or are accompanied by a sound or displayed icon on the status bar.


The good news is that if you prefer to be aware of everything that happens in Google Play, nothing prevents you from going to settings, notifications, Google Play, enter in the categories whose notifications are muted by default (like “updates for apps” and change the Mute setting to Alerts.


What will not be so easy to change is the problem reported by some users in the Google forums and Reddit, apparently there is a bug in which some notifications from Google Play never come to send. For example, the notification that there are pending applications to update or that some applications have completed the upgrade.

In this case it appears to be a single point of failure it is not clear if it is for part of Google Play or from the notifications itself. If it happens on your mobile and you is getting a little bit crazy, you’ll have to be patient until it is corrected in a future update of the Google store. Remember that it is possible to to force the update to Google Play using a particular menu (or from your APK).

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Google Play lets of notify by default the app updates
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December 5, 2019

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