Google Play Security Reward Program to: detect a security bug in a popular app will reward

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Google has always been concerned with much the safety of its products, and it is for this reason that through various programs of awards have been rewarded to those researchers or hackers who have found major vulnerabilities in both their websites and applications, in Chrome and Chrome OS and of course in its Android operating system.

As we can see, with these rewards Google encouraging researchers to discover vulnerabilities to make their products much more secure against attacks, but as the safety of our devices is also dependent on third-party applications Google has introduced a new rewards program of security for Google Play.

Google Play Security Reward Program

Play Google Security Reward Program arrives to improve the security of popular applications Android. Through rewards, incentives to the researchers to discover significant vulnerabilities.

it Is a platform of rewards to independent security Google Play launches through HackerOne and with the participation of some of the developers of the most popular applications of Android, using Google Play Security Reward will get the rewards to researchers who discover the vulneravilidades.

at the moment, only will be able to report security flaws in the applications of developers Alibaba, Dropbox, Duolingo, Headspace, Line, Mail.Ru, Snapchat and Tinder. The failure of the Google apps will report them to the [rewards programs Google security](( It is expected that more developers sign up to the program to reward for the detection of faults.

there will Only be rewards for the vulnerabilities RCE (remote code execution) and the POC (Proof of concepts) that are detected on Android devices 4.4 and higher. The investigator will report the first bug to the developer and when this has been fixed will be made public in the Google Play Security Reward and the investigator will receive $ 1,000 reward.

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Google Play Security Reward Program to: detect a security bug in a popular app will reward
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October 22, 2017

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