Google Play Services on Android and unsolved problems

Google Android and Play Services unsolvable problems

The Google Play Services were launched to avoid fragmentation and users of versions as Froyo could access news, but brings other problems that make you not to love on your phone

In 2012, Google introduced something that, to me, made a huge difference in Android. the Google Play Services . With them, the Mountain View company ensured that all users from Android 2.2 Froyo onwards could continue to use their services although the manufacturer of your phone or tablet failed to update the system. Are managed with them aspects as important as the location or account authentication. In addition, following its launch Google began to take their applications to the core system, so that they could be updated, as happened, for example, el keyboard.

Ars Technica.

Ars Technica.

But the new service also brought not so good things that Google has failed to fix permanently, or getting and then return. Google Play Services within Android is an application that is updated through the Play Store, and does so with some frequency. The problem is that these updates are similar to a lottery . Always be released in order to fix things and improve performance, and while they do, they also make many users see as battery consumption (using or not) grows exponentially .

An essential service for Android should not cause many problems randomly Right off the bat begin to notice that, especially at rest, percentage drops at a huge rate . Because as I said, the location is one of the most important aspects, the first thing you think about is off. And I did in my OnePlus Oxygen OS, which was released with a version Google Play Services. You can disable Google Now, limit which Google Play Services wake up the device with privacy control, but the problem is still there until Google does not update , and if it should just wait really is it is resolved. It has happened twice in recent months, and not knowing how to fix it is very frustrating. Also, when upgrading, problems begin to appear error and some Google apps are closed unexpectedly. An experience not going at all, in line with what brings us Lollipop .

I liked the decision by Google with Google Play Services to prevent runaway platform fragmentation lived, despite making closed “your” Android. If the platform will continue based (and faster each time) on Google Play Services, which unless optimize well and offer the public something solid. For This inconsistency does not bring anything good


Google Play Services on Android and unsolved problems
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April 22, 2015

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