Google Play starts to alert you of apps that long ago that you don’t use so you can uninstall them

Google Play begins to alert you of apps that long ago that you don't use so you can uninstall them

Google has for some time concerned about what we are doing with the storage of our mobile phone, something that makes sense because their phones of own manufacture, the Pixel, does not come with microSD card slots. The space is finite and there is no way to extend it, so that in Mountain View develop systems to keep the phone as pristine as possible.

Since Google does Photos when we synchronize the photos with the cloud. Before just the rose and nothing more, since for quite some time now it also gives us delete them from the phone. Now it seems that something similar happens with the apps, in the form of a Google Play that is triggering a new notification: a against our syndrome of accumulation of unnecessary applications. The Diogenes digital.

Order and cleanliness on the phone

Google Play Store As we see, Google Play already tells us how long that we do not use an app. Now a notification will remind us of the most effective way.

Google already displays several data about the applications that we have installed from Google Play, no need to go to the settings of the phone. We have the date on which the last refresh was performed, the weight that occupies the same and also date last used. Recently, yesterday, a few days ago, a month ago.

The new functionality of Google Play is going in the direction of boost this last figure because it will ensure that you do not ignore so easily. There are users reporting that the latest update of Google Play adds a notice that advises them that there is apps for a long time without use. A notification that invites you to be overlooked by Google and send them to the limbo of the app store of Google.

The notification takes us to Google Play, where we can uninstall the apps you don’t use from a long time ago

just like Google Photos invites us to delete photos already synced to save space, Google Play Store, starts to warn that delete apps that we don’t use cause the same effect. Of course there are apps that will continue our history of use, and also will continue to be our if we have paid for them to download. Simply, you no longer use, and perhaps they are best removed.

This functionality is not a novelty significant in the market of apps, for son several manufacturers that incorporate a function like this in your own layers. Cleaning systems that warn us of the downloaded files, the photographs are already synchronized, the space of the cache of some apps and, of course, of little use for apps that could disappear with the press of a button.

we do Not know how much time it will take to extend this new service to the rest of Android users but we already know that the deployment has begun. Let’s face it, we all hold apps that we believe that we are going to use and that they stay there forever, and maybe this app will show you what you can uninstall. is A little bit of housekeeping never comes amiss.

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Google Play starts to alert you of apps that long ago that you don’t use so you can uninstall them
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May 13, 2019

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