Google redesigns the search results page for mobile devices

Google redesigned the search results page for mobile devices

today, Google Search is probably one of the most commonly used options to quickly and easily find any type of information, especially, if we talk about Android phones. Aware of this, Google is increasingly integrating in it new features and improvements, both in your widget, as in your app and on its website.

At the beginning of the year, for example, we saw how it came the Google search by voice to the mobile version of Chrome for Android, and during the Google I/O 2019, the company announced its intentions to enter the Augmented Reality in the results. Precisely that Search results page is the one that has been redesigned now, so that, among other innovations, it shows the icon and the name of the web pages.

More brand identity for web sites

Search To the left, the old design; to the right, the new

According to Google, in order to “improve search and provide a modern experience and useful”, have decided to give it a new visual aspect to the results page search on the mobile version so that the user can quickly determine what information you need.

With the new design, which will appear on mobile phones in the next few days, the brand of a website is contained in the center for a better understanding of where does the information come from, and what pages have what we are looking for. In addition, the name of the page as your icon are displayed at the top of each result. In this sense, special importance must be choosing an icon suitable for organic listings.

The name and icon of the web page listed at the top of each result to help us to know from where does the information come from

in Addition, when searching for a product or service and Google will consider that you have an ad that useful for us, we’ll see a tag advertisement in bold type at the top of the result, together with the web address, so that we can quickly identify what the source of that information.

in Addition, Google ensures that as you continue making available new content formats and useful actions, such as the purchase of tickets of films or the reproduction of podcasts, this new design will allow to add more action buttons and previews to the search results.

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Google redesigns the search results page for mobile devices
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