Google starts to block their apps on devices without a certify, with exception for users of ROMs


Android is an open source operating system, and therefore each manufacturer can choose to include or not include in it what you want. Now, to include the Google applications and services must meet the requirements of document CDD and get the certification. Not to be so, Google may block the use of applications of Google.

The lock for now only seems to affect some users so it does not seem that it has fully unfolded, but it seems to be more focused to leave out the “manufacturers’ pirates ‘ that users ROM. These have the possibility to continue using the Google applications, after register your device.

Without certification there is no Google Apps


See if your device is certified is as easy as opening Google Play, open the side panel and tap Settings. At the bottom you will find the information in Certification, which can be either Certificate or uncertified. If you tap on the option opens a page with more information on the certification.

Now some users of devices without certifying they are receiving a popup window indicating the device is uncertified and therefore not be able to use applications and services of Google. Give it four options, which affect the user are two: contact the manufacturer to certify the device, or register your device, if you use a custom ROM.


… but with a ROM, yes, prior registration

users with a ROM that you receive the above message can register your device by visiting this web page. There will find a form with a single field, the ID Android. And how do you get that information?


Without additional applications, you can achieve this by connecting to your mobile phone by using ADB and typing the command settings get secure android_id. If you don’t have ADB at hand, you can get this information also by applications like Device ID.

Thus, it seems that this lack of certification should not affect you too as a user of the ROM, beyond involve an extra step before you can use the device. To those who it will affect most is the manufacturers “pirates” which included the Google apps without having the license, because until now the only impact was a menu semiescondido in Google Play.

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Xataka Android | Google Play will tell you if your device is certified to include the Google services

The news Google starts to block their apps on devices without a certify, with the exception for users of ROMs was originally published in Xataka Android by Ivan Ramirez .

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Google starts to block their apps on devices without a certify, with exception for users of ROMs
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March 26, 2018

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