Google Stay already has a system of achievements

game platform in streaming, add your own system of achievements to show in our profile, the progress with each title.

Almost all platforms have a system of achievements or trophies for players to squeeze the most out of each title and be able to show these records to other users. Google Stay has updated its service of the game in the streaming the last Friday with your own system that is already available on PC, Chrome browser and Chromecast -now Stay is compatible with all models-. This leaves out, for the time until 2020, those who, for example play in mobile, which was one of the attractions of the game in the cloud.

The first version is already available in Chrome and Chromecast the players to see your profile and the last three achievements of the last game that have been tested, with detailed information if you click on them. In addition, in Chrome you can expand the information to view all the games and, within them, all the achievements, status of each milestone and the progress in case of having with him. it is Also possible to see the achievements of other players that have been activated as visible, which you can choose the privacy of the same.

The Google service continues to grow

even Though the debut of Google Stay has not been all success that you might expect, mainly due to the absence of big news in the catalog and the distrust generated by this technology, Google is still evolving the platform. From days ago Stay is compatible with all Chromecast Ultra and not only with the that came in the packs release.

“If you already have access to Stay, we have good news to share. We have implemented an update to the Chromecast Ultras existing that allows them to function with Stay. Only you must take your command of Stay, and sync with any Chromecast Ultra to begin to play in an additional tv,” the company said.

Google Stay already has a system of achievements
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December 23, 2019

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