Google Stay can be executed in devices, and televisions with Android TV in 2020

Google Stay can be executed in devices, and televisions with Android TV in 2020

The game console, Google still has not arrived but we are already at the gates of his debut. Already we have attended your presentation, known not a few of the games that will to the same and even we tested it, with a more detailed explanation of its operation, because here is not talk about a console-traditional: we talk about streaming.

Of games purchased at a distance and executed on the Google servers, and that they come to us the same way that we get HBO, Netflix or Youtube. A concept with which some parts of the industry have already experienced and that will be the basis of the system of Google, which we now know also come to Android devices TV, from tvs to dongles.

Android TV already has a plan to two-year view

Android Tv

In the main information expressed by the company from Mountain View about your new Stay, is the console would consist of a command exclusive with which you play on tv, or on other devices through a Chromecast. An optional handheld so we could connect other gamepads Bluetooth, but that would give us any choice in regard to speed of access to the servers.

On the own screens of the game, Google dropped that you could play to Stay in any screen connected to the Internet although there were initial restrictions: only certain Android phones in the first phases of the deployment, speaking of the Pixel, and televisions and web browsers. If you have Chrome, you can with Stay, and tv traditional cast them into the hand of a Chromecast.

But now Google seems to be preparing to expand the list of supported devices, or that have hunted the friends of XDA Developers; now we have a roadmap with the following movements of Google in terms of software, including the mention of a future Android 11 for the year 2020.

The roadmap for Android TV, which is more comprehensive, includes the following points:

Android 10 – 2019-2020

  • Google Assistant to Operators, including tvs, Android TV.
  • Changes in the Google Play Store
  • A device OTT tv
  • in-stream Ads and pilot new start screen

Android 11 – 2020/2021

  • Google Assistant for Operators (as in access) and partners
  • Take Google Lens and the Live Captions of Android 10 to Android TV
  • Expand the home page and the offer of in-stream ads
  • Integration of Stay

Android 10 – 2021/2022

  • Google Assistant for Operators: improve the quality and integration with the operators
  • Less fragmentation in hardware and software, less build

Thus, it seems that Android TV is preparing to incorporate Google Stay next year, when the version for multimedia devices reaches version 11 operating system, let’s remember, there will be no name associated with it. Android 10 was the first version of Google’s operating system without a dessert at the last names, and it seems that this will continue.

Via | XDA Developers

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Google Stay can be executed in devices, and televisions with Android TV in 2020
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September 16, 2019

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