Google Street View 2.0 adds support for Cardboard

Google Street View

Last September, Google surprised us with the complete renovation of Street View with the launch of its standalone application, with which we can explore worldwide to 360 degrees through the Photo Spheres made by both Google and its large user community.

In its initial release, Google forgot to add the new Street View support for their virtual reality glasses Cardboard , which have already solved with the new update that has already started get through Google Play


Street View

new update under Street View 2.0 adds compatibility with Cardboard . When we open one Photo Sphere Cardboard see the icon among your options. Pressing the starting image will appear in two so we can see that our Cardboard spherical image.

Street View Cardboard 2

Cardboard on Google Maps

Take this opportunity to remind you that the Street View Google Maps also has support for Cardboard, but what happens is that this option is hidden. To enable Cardboard view we have to open the Street View of a street and press twice in succession on the compass icon

In Google Play |. Street View (APK Mirror )
In Engadget Android | Google Maps for Android presents its renovated section “Explore Nearby”

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Google Street View 2.0 adds support for Cardboard
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October 7, 2015

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