Google Tango Project: This is the first example of what this phone can do

Google Project Tango3D

Yesterday, Google surprised us by showing us what in hand with her new Project Tango , born of the division of Motorola that Google would not get away and call Google ATAP, and also responsible for the Ara Project modular phones. A department or division that surely we will hear much and well the next few years in terms of innovation

refers. If what we saw of Tango Goofgle I outgrew it and that power mapped into Kinect as a 3D sensor , I was not entirely clear, today we bring you a video example of what can make this smartphone, perfectly able to recognize its environment and to “see” and put in place all surrounding him.


This test was performed by one of the managers of the project with one terminal prototype, in an interview TechChruch . This, apart from the demonstration of how it works, the CEO of the project has the incredible capacity of terminals and technology in recent years that have led them to achieve this level of accuracy with a smartphone. Depth, volume, spacing, and offer not only the end result, if no concrete measures space used.

This device is capable of capturing color data, and perform a mesh used three-dimensional terrain, and provide a result precise tuning in environment that has captured , with very similar results to the reality that our eye observes. even in the room who have used sample, full of objects, that is able to capture and process all. Being a prototype there are some some rough edges, but the steps should greatly month. Current camera that has only has 4 megapixels.

Watch the video

And do not forget that the technology used is with materials that could directions, in production, in the pockets of any average user, come on, it’s consumer technology.

During the MWC, Matterpot, its CEO, will give a lecture with Qualcomm where show Capture Software and 3D reconstruction using. We hope to be there to listen and learn more about this exciting project that elevate a little higher mobile technology.

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Google Tango Project: This is the first example of what this phone can do
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