Google updated Safety Net and there is no way to hide your root


If you have your mobile rooted and you trusted in methods as Magisk or SuHide to hide it to some applications… I have bad news for you: they have stopped working from night to morning, after Google has updated its API SafetyNet. This API, according to words own Google, it checks the “health and safety of your Android device”.

Among other things, SafetyNet is the “police” that checks to see if the system is rooted. Applications such as Pokémon GO, Android Pay or some banks use this checklist to stand to your feet if your phone has root. The community Android does not like being told what they can and can’t do with their phones, so that are several initiatives that have emerged with the idea to bypass these checks. The problem is that SafetyNet has been retaliated against.

With user root, not Pokémon

it Is in the own thread of SuperSu in XDA where users are echoing of this change. While your Pokémon GO was working perfectly a few hours ago has stopped to let them log on. the Chainfire already warned us that this would happen, and that this eternal race of cat and mouse will desmotivaba and everything indicated that it was a losing battle. If someone find how to re-circumvent SafetyNet, the joy will last until the next update.

of course the implications go beyond Pokémon Go, or other games that use this system to avoid cheaters, but that are much more serious for those who use banking applications that also has stopped working. For now, the only reliable solution is to end the root of your mobile full.

If you want to check for yourself what do you think the API SafetyNet of your phone, you can use the application SafetyNet Helper to make an analysis. If the result is green, all is well, while if the result is blue or red does not pass the test, and several applications will no longer function.


Don’t be fooled by the pessimism. The interest to continue using root and applications to which you don’t like the root is very broad, so it is likely to appear some way to re-beat advantage to SafetyNet at any time. In addition, there are also applications that use their own system to detect the root in time of SafetyNet. In that case, it is possible that SuHide and the like continue to operate.

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In Xataka Android | Chainfire releases suhide, to hide the root of specific applications

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Google updated Safety Net and there is no way to hide your root
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October 8, 2016

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