Google wants to bring augmented reality to web browsers and web pages

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Up to now, to use a game or viewing a content in augmented reality, they had to pass two assumptions: that we have an app preinstalled in our mobile or you download a specific manner to be able to see it. We also have the disadvantage that not all experiences AR work the same so that we can have installed easily a few of them.

Google wants to break that barrier with a very good idea: to enter this function in a web browser. In this way, the only thing that we need is to have an app type Chrome, open a webpage, click a button, and the camera is open so that we can see the object in question. For the moment it is a project in development, but as a proposal to make more accessible this technology can be very successful.

Article, this has been christened Google, it is a viewer of 3D objects that are to be integrated into the browser. When we see him we will be able to interact with him and for him to dwell, for example, to see how it looks on each side. This is not all, we will have a dedicated button that takes us to the house and we can place the model in question in front of our eyes.

so that explains the Mountain View when you can activate the option of augmented reality will take us to the camera and see a white ring where a few seconds later will the object in question. In the demo you have shown in this blog it is seen that this function is very intuitive and easy to use.

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For the augmented reality will be an important step for the agility it will bring to use it without any kind of intermediary in the form of additional application. In addition, with the quality you have to day of today, any Android phone is enough to provide a basic experience, but satisfying.

at the moment it is only a prototype and it seems that we will soon see it integrated in the browser that we use on a daily basis to visit web pages. What if you have been provided are the tools to encourage content developers to create their own objects and test the capabilities of the Article.

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Google wants to bring augmented reality to web browsers and web pages
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January 23, 2018

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