Google will reimburse the difference to the last buyers Nexus 7

As we have learned, we have been rushing to publish. A few days ago we reported that Google lowered in the Play Store, the price of 3G and WiFi models of the tablet Nexus7 . Some users were unhappy rebate , since they had purchased their product at a price slightly higher than currently established. Others have looked great, because that could be done with the latest gadget from Google.

In this story, a reader nosinformó that there is a “clause” by which we may ask Google pay us the difference between the price paid (more expensive) and the current (reduced). Digging a little we have seen that, besides being true, has some crumb thing.

As we read on the web:

As a result, if we acquire a product on Google Play fortnight before it lower price, we will refund the difference . As long as you ask for the refund by sending this form .


that Google has such policies as may a little indignant purchase an item and decide within days to lower its price significantly.

PD- Many thanks to Oli for the heads .

How about this refund policy? Did you consider just and necessary? Express yourself in the comments!

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Google will reimburse the difference to the last buyers Nexus 7
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November 2, 2012

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