Google will reimburse the difference to the last buyers Nexus 7

Google will reimburse the difference to the last buyers Nexus 7

As we have learned, we have been rushing to publish. A few days ago we reported that Google lowered in the Play Store, the price of 3G and WiFi models of the tablet Nexus7. Some users were unhappy rebate, since they had purchased their product at a price slightly higher than currently established. Others have looked great, because that could be done with the latest gadget from Google.

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In this story, a reader nosinformó that there is a “clause” by which we may ask Google pay us the difference between the price paid (more expensive) and the current (reduced). Digging a little we have seen that, besides being true, has some crumb thing.

As we read on the web:

As a result, if we acquire a product on Google Play fortnight before it lower price, we will refund the difference. As long as you ask for the refund by sending this form.


that Google has such policies as may a little indignant purchase an item and decide within days to lower its price significantly.

PD- Many thanks to Oli for the heads.

How about this refund policy? Did you consider just and necessary? Express yourself in the comments!

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