Goropo, social networking social directory where we participate

If we want to maintain contact with our colleagues in social networks, it is more likely to go to the major social networks to get them to add them to our contact lists . But our colleagues also participate in other social networks and platforms less known, so that to maintain contact with them in such networks, we check in, locate and add.

A new way to have users to meet those other networks, but rather general all, involving our colleagues, we offer the new tool is named Goropo, being a social directory where users establish in our profiles public links of social networks where participate, pudiéndonos add our colleagues and vice versa, so that way we can meet those platforms where they participate, and so they on us.

Please note that our Goropo profiles, only put the links our profiles public which we participate, but limited to 18 social platforms it currently supports, without any chance we can add the links from other platforms where they may participate, as Path, Dailymotion, 500px, Ipernity, Miso, Playlists.net, Untappd, Pheed, or Slideshare, among other examples.

In the future, the list of social networks supported include Amazon, eBay, SoundCloud, Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. The ideal would be that we allow users to add other than those officially supporting, since the range of social networks and platforms are broad and diverse, perhaps impossible to cover still limited to a closed list of supported networks.

And, even though most users are only involved in major social networks, there are also other social networking medium or small are also worth considering, although it is safe we do not find as many contacts as in the main. A clear example is the mobile messaging programs where, depending on the social environment we have, we have less chance of finding contacts and kakao Talk WeChat that in networks such as WhatsApp or Line.

Link: Goropo | Via: Eureka Startups

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Goropo, social networking social directory where we participate
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