Graphenano, Too good to be true?

Graphenano, Too good to be true?

Graphenano delayed the presentation of its revolutionary batteries until late February at the request of one of its members at the last minute.

On 5 February Graphenano ‘d show their batteries graphene the promise for the electric vehicle industry would revolutionize the industry by providing a high density in a small space and weight. This translates into comparable to conventional cars and recharging times quite small autonomies, the two major requests we make this type of car.

But something has happened as Forococheseléctricos which has led to a delay filing until the end of February . According to the site the delay is due to problems with one of its partners, which is what this delay had requested at the last minute.

The revolution of electric cars could pass by graphene and start in Yecla (Spain)

The aim of the presentation was to provide the first data of its promising battery of graphene and a tour of pray you released its facilities in Yecla, Murcia, confirming to end in late March and produce batteries. Everything seems to have been delayed for reasons unknown what makes us, and I hope really wrong, thinking that was precipitated , which is rare for other large companies like Samsung or LG or Tesla have not investigated with graphene, and if they have done and have not published it may be because it is not so promising.

At the end of 2014 and warned us their batteries could come in 2015, and in February 2016 only we hope to know more data. These are some of the advantages of this type of batteries as Graphenano:

Was too nice?

They are complicated because the promise promises to be so optimistic, A small slip can mean the end before the beginning , and the delay before presenting his first step is dangerous. Realistically, I think there are still many years before we see this type of battery in car production, we continue to phase solution to problems arising from new technology and we should not wait for the future of motoring in a month.


Graphenano, Too good to be true?
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January 19, 2016

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