Great novels that could be great TV series

great novels that could be great TV series

Here is a series of novels that I think could become a fantastic television series adapted if this format

Almost everyone loves movies.; at least have a good time for entertainment or drama the adventures of the characters who parade across the screen, and the most by a deep interest and even professional by the narrative (or not) film. That taste and that interest has grown in ways unimaginable in recent times with the television series; and as regular readers we can also declare moviegoers, thinking one discovers what novels that have amazed him or simply absorbed they would be an great television series if adapt to that format. These are mine .

‘It’ by Stephen King

I know that Tommy Lee Wallace adapted it to a miniseries in 1990, entirely unsatisfactory although Tim Curry as Pennywise the evil, for their self-restraint and because not understood at all abstract needs a climax that was tatty and ridiculous. I am also aware that New Line Cinema is preparing a new adaptation in two movies , but after the abandonment of Cary Fukunaga , one of the architects of the solvent first season of True Detective (2014), because he wanted to make” a film of high horror with real characters “and the producers,” archetypes and scares, “and that his deputy Andres Muschietti is responsible for the poor Mom (2013), have few hopes it . Even I know that United Studios and adapted the novel precisely as television series, entitled Woh (1998), but if all of it is as painful as the only scene capital to make matters worse, I I have seen, must estomagar enough.

In any case, This novel has enough material and depth and so disturbing and exciting potential that as a television series carried out by skilled filmmakers and lucid, it could be something extraordinary .

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‘It’ by Stephen King

‘The Regent’ Leopoldo Alas, Clarín

As in the previous case, although Gonzalo Suarez adapted as a film in 1974, and Fernando Méndez-Leite did the same in a miniseries of 1995, neither of these two approaches to the delightful novel of Clarín, the best I’ve read in Spanish literature, seem solvents . With a decent media, a talent and a detailed planning of the old-style Anglo-Saxon gold it seems that in Spain we lack in television, the ensemble drama could leave us Vetusta ecstatic .

‘Hundred Years of Solitude’ by Gabriel García Márquez

Unlike in the two previous cases, This novel has the untouchable as film adaptations are concerned, and not just because its author manifest at the time that never let her transfer to celluloid because “it is an integral part of everyday life in Latin America” ​​but also because he has a logical, well-deserved and remarkable respect, in my opinion, does not justify the afraid to get their hands cinematically. In fact, it seems that Japan will not suffer this fear, because they brought an adaptation delocalized with Saraba hakobune (Shuji Terayama, 1984).

Imagine moving images history of Macondo and Buendia , from the firing squad and ice flashback to the sweeping wind. Coincidís sure me that is a very juicy basis could lead to a series of well segmented television and exciting Sea .

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“One Hundred Years of Solitude ‘ Gabriel García Márquez –

‘Q’ Luther Blissett

In 1999, four members of Luther Blissett project , the rebellious collective identity performing actions of various kinds throughout Europe and North America, published this historical novel about a thousand names Pilgrim in the German and Italian lands in the XVI century, which is involved in several prominent and brutal events of the time, and his wily foe. An episodic story so interesting adaptation can not run out to the small screen, and its horrors are such that the impact on the audience is guaranteed .

‘The Jungle’ by Upton Sinclair

Once one has realized that this stunning novel on the unthinkable situation of workers in Chicago in the early twentieth century, extrapolated to other similar cities, it is hot stuff for a TV series with the dirty and gritty spirit of The Knick (Steven Soderbergh, 2014 onwards), and eliminating all end crude political propaganda Sinclair and obviating which was already adapted by George Irving, Jack Pratt and Augustus E. Thomas in a film of 1914-the miserable drama style was very typical then- no doubt that might be a cinematic product all amazing for disturbing, expanded in different episodes

 novels and TV series

‘The Jungle’ by Upton Sinclair –

‘Ilium’ and ‘Olympos’ by Dan Simmons

I must confess at the outset that these two novels do not seem great at all, but very suggestive : address the future of humanity that is interspersed with war Trojan and many other elements that can delight viewers of television, especially if they are attracted by science fiction .

Isaac Asimov’s novels

It is not possible to say that the narrative href=”” Asimov not been acted upon by the film industry and TV: In addition to some of his robot stories, novels like The Caves of Steel (1954), The Naked Sun (1957) and The End of Eternity (1955) have been adapted in the series Parade Story (Peter Sasdy, 1964) and Out of the Unknown (Rudolph Cartier, 1969) and the film Konets vechnosti (Andrei Yermash, 1987), respectively. Furthermore, the fact is that HBO and, in theory, Jonathan Nolan ( Person of Interest , 2011 onwards; Westworld , 2016) and are preparing a series based books Foundation , which is a great joy for we love the seven novels that Asimov came to write about it.

What is needed is that this project comes to fruition, and since these novels are related to robots, it would be great to draw up a whole cycle all television; and of course, you are able to capture and convey the enormous intelligence Asimov to bring the series the same fascination that he gives us in his work.

 novels and television series

‘Foundation’, Isaac Asimov – Eastottlemyer .com

The Aloysious Pendergast novels by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Again, a series of novels that do not consider great but whose interest it is necessary for them to develop as a television series. So far, Preston and Child have released 15 of them on the eccentric Special Agent Pendergast Relic (1995) and Reliquary (1997) they could fit in a single season; The Cabinet of Curiosities (2002) and Still Life with Crows (2003), in the same way, paving the way for a third season following, Brimstone (2004), Dance of Death (2005) and The Book of the Dead (2006); The Wheel of Darkness (2007) and Cemetery Dance (2009) for a fourth, Fever Dream (2010), Cold Vengeance (2011) and Two Graves (2012) for the fifth doubt, and the last so far, White Fire (2013), Blue Labyrinth <. / em> (2014) and Crimson Shore (2015) for the following

But there are two others related to his narrative cycle: Thunderhead (1999 ) and The Ice Limit (2000), which could perhaps be interleaved in any way as flashbacks. . Everything is unleash the essential creativity to make this possible series and above the proposals come to fruition and captivate us with their intrigues


Great novels that could be great TV series
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September 17, 2015

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