Grow payments contactless: consumers choose this system for its ease and hygiene”

66% of the Spanish choose it as a preferred payment method the system contactless, according to the latest study published by Mastercard. At european level the figure is even higher, reaching 78% of the transactions.

Likewise, the same study indicates that 75% of respondents in Spain ensures that will continue to use this pathway for your shopping even after the end of the health crisis.

88% of the Spanish claims that “the adoption of the payments are contactless has been easy,”, according to this study. One of the reasons that they claim is the expansion of 20 euros to 50 euros of the payment limit without PIN that have been provided by the Spanish financial institutions in coordination with the international brands.

in Addition, more than half of the population –53%- ensures that it has decreased its use of cash during the last few months , and 22% have stopped using it completely, according to this survey of 8,000 people in eight different european countries -Uk, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Russia.

From Mastercard pointed out that “before the health crisis, the penetration of payments contactless in Europe was already high, and went ahead of the rest of the world.” However, now 40% of users say they have changed their card to allow payments contactless.

Among the different methods of payment contactless, the more popular in Spain is the card payment, leading the way with 79%, followed by the payment with the mobile phone -33%- and, finally, 5% do so with smart devices, such as smartwatches.

consumers cite hygiene -85%- and the ease -88%- of this method of payment as the main reasons for adopting it, not only during the current health status, but in the long term. In addition, it has experienced a significant increase in daily purchases: nine out of every ten spaniards have paid for the purchase of this form; a 67 per cent have used it in the pharmacies, and a 37% has also been made in other stores.

“The problems of fraud in payments contactless are significantly lower than in the payments with PIN-in Europe, in addition to that they continue to decline. On the other hand, measures have been implemented to prevent fraud as the application of limits to the cumulative and controls stronger since I increased the limits contactless”, that is to say, these payments are “protected,” explains Rigo Van den Broeck, senior vice president of intelligence solutions cyber of Mastercard.

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Grow payments contactless: consumers choose this system for its ease and hygiene”
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May 28, 2020

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