Guest stars (351): Side petaron, reflections on ‘Luke Cage’, ‘Mr. Robot’ and more

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on A Wednesday more, we present to you this selection of interesting readings that we have been finding for the network in the past few days. As usual, all the links lead to articles that explore related topics with the television from different points and opinions. This week you will find multiple reviews to seasons of series, a few thoughts on the industry and even looks to some degree not-so-recent. Let us go.”

  • The television market is that it burns with all the changes in the consumption habits and the influence of technology, social networks and the globalization of the contents. In Innovación Audiovisual do an interview with Elena Neira on these issues which you can listen to here.

  • The tragicomedy semi-autobiographical, is a genus that is living in an age very healthy, with a large number of voices that share with the viewer his particular vision of life. One of these titles has been ‘One Mississippi’, a wonder created by Tig Notaro of which speak to us on view Series.

  • we Already know that Amazon has as a rule do seasons of pilots in that it puts several projects available to users for later to decide on what titles to invest in a definitive way. However, there are exceptions to that rule and the Carousel Series talk to us about them.

  • The adaptations are always in danger of disappointing those who are followers and lovers of the original material. ‘Hannibal’ was a series that not only had the benchmark of the novels but also had their backs several motion picture titles, any tremendously acclaimed. In Sunday Movie have written an article in which you argue why the series betrays the authentic Hannibal Lecter.

  • The second season of ‘Mr. Robot’ has had a response dispar on the part of his followers. In Tv Spoiler Alert entered at all in the game of these ten episodes of transition and reflect on the path you have taken the story and the characters.

  • Recap Blog have also finished another season, the even more recent release of Netflix with Marvel ‘Luke Cage’. Although they do not seem to of the best that has given the marriage comiquero-tv, have seen many virtues in the universe that raises. What a shame of villains, right?

  • Anyone would have said that the spectrum of the streaming television left little room for sharing the pie with more players (especially with the supposedly imminent arrival of HBO, Amazon and Sky to Spain), but in the Guide Doc not have been thrown back in his dream of becoming a platform that delivers great documentaries to fans of the genre. In Hypertext talk to us about this platform and its objectives in the coming months.

  • it is Not uncommon that a character initially created as a child end up becoming a protagonist. It’s because you eat at that it used to be or that his charisma or interest to get equated to the main character in Pilot have made a collection of this type of papers.

  • Another of the premieres of Netflix for the month has been ‘Easy’, an anthology comedy that speaks of the modern relationships. To small fort has not convinced too this is pointless and little momentous proposal, and here’s why.

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Guest stars (351): Side petaron, reflections on ‘Luke Cage’, ‘Mr. Robot’ and more
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October 5, 2016

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