Guide: How to transfer your data and sets the New Nintendo 3DS

Guide: How to transfer your data and the New Nintendo games 3DS

Until Nintendo chooses to modernize the system, here’s a step by step guide on how to transfer all our data and games to the New Nintendo 3DS and not die attempt.

Today Spain have reached the expected New New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL and as usual when it comes out a new console many users that are made with an already had the previous model. This means that many users (especially considering the Flip digital format) will want to enjoy your new acquisition of all the titles and topics you have in your old console.

And while Nintendo is getting batteries in recent months, which in iOS or PS4 / PS Vita is as simple as how to introduce our user account on Nintendo requires a ritual with several steps and a good time of patient waiting until we can enjoy all the digital content from our old console in the New Nintendo 3DS. Therefore, and that no user is with who has lost a large sum of money on digital content to wrongdoing transfer, here’s a step by step on how to transfer data and sets the New Nintendo 3DS (XL) guide .

Before You Begin

Before starting the whole process should take into account a number of factors:

  • We need the 3DS old . Since Nintendo does not have any system backup to the cloud and licenses the games eShop are tied to hardware and not the account need if or if our old 3DS to transfer all your data to the new console.
  • It is important not sign with our own Nintendo ID on the new console, especially if you have a pre-installed game (since they could lose it).
  • We have to account size SD our old card 3DS. The original 3DS came with a 2GB SD and XL / 3DS 2DS came with a 4GB SD. The new 3DS have a MicroSD 4 GB, so if our current card is larger’ll have to buy a MicroSD card of equal or greater size.
  • Once we transfer our data to a New 3DS can not transfer them to a 3DS (XL) or 2DS. If we can do to another New 3DS.
  • Once transferred data we can not re-transfer in 7 days.

What is transferred?

How I mentioned at the beginning of this guide, data transfer not only moved our digital licenses old console games to the new, but it moves all content and settings we had from one to another. This means that when the process we will find that all (icons, themes, preferences) in New 3DS is in the same place as the old. Here is a detailed list:

  • Games . Both 3DS Virtual Console and DSiWare like.
  • Demos and “special” test. In the first case the number of remaining “evidence” is also transferred.
  • Songs, if we have some stuck.
  • Photos and screenshots. All the reel moves.
  • Mii’s , both those who have created as we have downloaded.
  • History and save data of all games. In the event that there is the same game on the receiving console will overwrite data.
  • Data StreetPass . All the meetings we have had through StreetPass, Mii’s as well as those users and our progress in the mini-games Mii Plaza.
  • Themes .

Remember that the content is not copied moves, which means that once the new console is removed from the old one.

What do we need?

To transfer data between our old and new 3DS will need the following:

  • Our old 3DS or 2DS
  • The New. .. Nintendo 3DS (XL) we just bought
  • A WiFi connection

And if not opt ​​for wireless data transfer must add:

  • A Phillips screwdriver (tip + ) size 0 to access the MicroSD card is under the bottom cover of the New Nintendo 3DS.
  • A computer. .
  • An adapter to connect a SD and MicroSD card for your computer

Transferring data

Although the transfer process is not difficult to do , if you have many steps and some other option to consider. The video that heads this article is quite clear, but a couple of things left in the inkwell. Here’s the step that I recommend having made myself a transfer:

  • Configure the New Nintendo 3DS and update the software to the latest version. We must not associate any account Nintendo ID.
  • In both consoles let Settings > Other settings > Transfer > Transfer from a console 3DS .
  • In ancient 3DS we choose Send data and the new Receive data .
  • Next, choose the console that we want to send data from the old 3DS. After pressing it we were notified that the content of the receiving console is deleted and replaced by the station console, this content will disappear once the transfer is complete. Those that you have the New 3DS with some preinstalled game fear not, below I explain why.
  • Press No when we are asked if we used some other MicroSD card into the New Nintendo . 3DS
  • Then home console will ask the type of memory card we use: If you have installed an SD or miniSD card must press If . If instead we have a MicroSD with SD adapter must press No . As we choose to vary the transfer options that we offer in future steps
  • If you have pressed if will show us three options. Wireless transfer , Wireless transfer to low-capacity card or Transfer using computer . In the first case all Your save data and the contents of the SD card are copied and each data wirelessly from one console to another (Your NNID and your history of Nintendo eShop will be transferred via the Internet. They will be transferred through local wireless connection). In the second case the system works the same, except that the contents of the card can be re-downloaded from the eShop are not copied. At last we are asked us to draw the card and we copy its contents to your computer, then copy it to the MicroSD card that we will insert into the New 3DS. In the event that we have pressed No we will not show any options, we simply asked to move the card to the new console once the process is complete.
  • If we pressed if , the recommended option is to use a computer to copy the contents of the card, because if we do wirelessly to the console of origin may take up to 2 hours to copy 4 GBs in the console destination.
  • Once we have chosen Transfer via PC Console source starts sending the data can not be sent by the SD card to the target console wirelessly. This may take a while , but at least it is enlivened by a few Pikimines animation bringing our data. When you finish the process both consoles will be reset. The console will be formatted source and destination and have the most important data.
  • Lastly, we can only transfer the contents of the SD card. In case we use a microSD card is as simple as changing to the one included in the New Nintendo 3DS. If instead we use a SD or miniSD card we have to connect to your computer and copy its contents to the desktop (the most important is the Nintendo 3DS ). Then connect the MicroSD card that we will use in the New 3DS (which is included or some that we bought for the occasion) and after formatting a MS-DOS (FAT) paste the contents of the old card.
  • Once we have finished, insert the MicroSD card into the New Nintendo 3DS and turn it on for complete the process transfer.

In the case of special editions of Majora's Mask and Monster Hunter 4

Those who have opted to buy Special Edition Majora's Mask or Monster Hunter 4 will be wondering what happens to the preinstalled version of the game to come consoles if the content is deleted to make room for the data of the old console. can be reassured , as long as not associate any Nintendo ID to the new console before transferring the data license will add to the existing and not be lost .

In the event we make computer transfer, or changing the memory card preinstalled on the other, the game will disappear from the home screen but the license will associated with the console. This means that once we have completed the process can enter the eShop and re-download it without having to pay for it


Guide: How to transfer your data and sets the New Nintendo 3DS
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February 13, 2015

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