Guns Sacred is the most rare, and African blasphemer you are playing today

occasionally appear games that seem to have been created under the influence of alcohol poisoning. They are usually not very good, because its appeal based on the continued use of a few ill-chosen Graciet and references and do nothing more. Sacred Guns is different, in the sense that it seems that its creator, Mark Leung , has been damaged cubatas lifting arm. No, a simple look at the game is enough to conclude that a friend of Mary Leung.

The argument is simple and equally blasphemous. Noah is busy with the construction of his famous Ark, and meanwhile the Almighty has commanded the archangel Mark Leung (wink, wink) to prevent their most disadvantaged may be saved . Given an approaching downpour of biblical proportions, how easy would shut the door and bolted, but the style of this archangel is something different. Graced with an afro and two golden pistols, prefers massacring every living creature that does not meet the standard of beauty that doth the Lord. By the way will face several plot twists perfectly narrated by a dubbing that, seems to be made up of three people, that’s because it is.

Sacred Say Guns has a casual style is the same as saying that the Ecce Homo is the reinterpretation of a classic is very short stay. Enemies consist of popular characters like SpongeBob or the Teletubbies, and sullied camouflaged enough to enable them to be recognized without suffering the onslaught of the legal department of the U.S. half, and a variety of memes born in the last year Internet. In terms of gameplay, it’s a simple shooter in which we must resist waves of enemies, each more hideous and dangerous.


Guns is nothing remarkable in this respect, but the game is aware that its strengths lie in other sections. There are few titles on the market whose main purpose will be to raise a smile let alone the player using blatant parody for it, and just for a game that’s worth.

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Guns Sacred is the most rare, and African blasphemer you are playing today
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December 27, 2012

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