HabitRPG level up and now it Habitica: so does this singular task manager

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A couple of years hablábamos blog about HabitRPG . It is difficult to categorize as a task manager to use (Todoist, Wunderlist …) but his proposal was very funny for those who needed some order in his life with a more targeted approach to gamification. Now its creators decided to give a return to the idea and turn it into Habitica .

Habitica is not just a name change (am I the only one who liked Habit RPG ?) no more. The service is renewed and face wash to catch up in design and step over some functions to remain an application in the field of task managers. The first step was to create a new app for Android from scratch and the end result is excellent


Previously HabitRPG was not finished to set in Android and the best proof of this was Customer proliferation made by third parties and clones imitating operation. There was so much choice that made it clear that people liked the idea but not the application. Now with Habitica they corrected many mistakes and bring us something more modern in appearance but just as useful and intuitive

As in previous versions, have four basic panels.

  • About : any tasks that we have set out to do as part of everyday life (eating healthier, sweeping, climbing stairs instead of the elevator). These are tasks that do not disappear and are always as it is understood that we will perform often
  • Daily . As the name suggests, all actions we do every day.
  • do : here are the typical things that we have pending but never date. We must not run them but we rushed
  • Rewards . What we think we deserve for doing the work of the other three groups above. Valen virtual currencies and is a form of reward (may be some rest, see a movie or buying objects for our avatar).

Habitica not change its base and wants us to use the application sincerely. The gamification is an incentive to make the dos and not as an excuse to abuse the system and grow our virtual avatar. So it is important not to lie and do things without lying to the application.

Navigating The application is now much easier, we not have many ornaments and HabitRPG and all It is better organized. We thank step both in material design aesthetic and the distribution of the different options and configurations. Now, further research in the application shows us that there are still options that are not available as avatar customization.

Is it worth trying? I tried to use it on more than one occasion and replace my usual task manager but I have never succeeded. The service is well made (and the new application is great) but I think it is more geared to organization all those who need but do not want a serious application . Once we give it a little time and we get to it is easy to motivate and encourage work habits.


Habitica Productivity

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HabitRPG level up and now it Habitica: so does this singular task manager
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December 11, 2015

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