Hacker ethics, privacy and the case Ashley Madison

hacker ethics, privacy and the case Ashley Madison

We need to have a discussion on ethical hacker.

10 gigs The revelation of private information from users of the website Ashley Madison is all over the Internet. It is practically impossible to go anywhere without finding news with another article on hacking , which has exposed millions of users oriented website infidels meetings between people.

The online conversation on the responsibilities involved has not been limited : in the first instance the company, accused by hackers to have a management policy of misleading information, home responsibilities to be in possession of data users who had expressed a willingness to delete your accounts. These data, including information on financial transactions and credit card should have been removed but have been exposed to the attack site , and are the jewel in the crown of the hackers, who expressed their outrage at the “humbug” Ashley Madison to its users. The company offered an option to pay $ 19 to close and delete profiles, which apparently was nothing more than a way to get more money.

But these hackers, whose motivations They are alleged ethical, they seem to be both blind to the moral and legal implications of their own actions. By revealing thousands of user names, passwords, credit card numbers and private conversations, they are in the position of guardians of good and evil, imposing their ethical notions third. The principle advocates flying this act appears that href=”http://hipertextual.com/tag/privacidad”> . But this is not established by international human rights principles

 Privacy is not a crime, Jürgen Telkmann, under CC BY NC 2.0.

Privacy is not a crime, Jürgen Telkmann under license CC BY NC 2.0 .

Nothing to hide

In recent days news have been cases of users that Ashley Madison han had to flee from countries where homosexuality is punishable by death or imprisonment, because of disclosure of their activities on the site. Along with the general wave of indignation and concern, there is a wide body of opinion that says that these users “deserve what happens to them” , a patronizing attitude which seeks to judge the world from an automatic moral superiority . In this regard, the representative of social networks Ashley Madison said:

The criminal, or criminals involved in this act have placed themselves as moral judges, juries and executioners, seeing appropriate to impose a personal notion of virtue in society

The ethics behind the hacking seems to be perilously close to that advocated by the champions of vigilancia massive if you have something to hide, you should not be doing . It is the same moral principle flying NSA advocates and technology companies like Facebook and Google. But as we wrote a few days ago, the existence of a private sphere is an essential aspect for the realization of basic rights such as the freedom of expression and communication and personality development .

transparency , while a laudable principle, it is not in contradiction with the right to privacy and the privacy. The link between the notion of “public interest” and the love life of any person, politician, actor or ordinary citizen is very dim to be considered sufficient reason. The energy of an ethical hacker and his desire to break the law in pursuit of greater transparency could be much better spent on reveal secrets of corruption or financing of campaigns to make public intimate sexual preferences and choices of anyone, especially those of 37 million people.

Hacktivism and ethical hacker

The ethical aspects linked to the hacker movement are not, of course, a binding moral code. Just because someone enjoys hacking does not mean he has any ethical commitment. However, hacktivism itself seeks to promote a political agenda, and their bases are in the hacker ethic :. freedom of expression, freedom of information, human rights, open access, free culture

The transparency as a principle of the hacker ethic goes oriented openness of information of public interest to do the world best . But is a world where citizens have no guarantee of intimacy and privacy, a better world?

Many of us can agree that honesty and fidelity are desirable values. However, chances are not imposing our own moral values ​​on others is, in itself, a much more important value that fly . Self-determination could be what really is at stake when we erect as judges, juries and executioners of others.


Hacker ethics, privacy and the case Ashley Madison
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August 28, 2015

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