Haier Digi Aqua Type 1, with you the first intelligent refrigerator with Android

Haier Frigo

Already seen the Android operating system to conquer foreign lands, but his versatility is such that from smartphones and tablets has already extended its functionality to wearables , televisions, car multimedia systems and some other more useful thanks to the imagination of the developers.

With the connected home budding was a matter of time that should do smart appliances thanks to Android, and although we have seen some other prototype fairs, Haier is the first manufacturer to explore the field of appliances with Android


Aqua Digi Haier refrigerator Type 1 will be the first of its kind to appear on the market, but for now Haier has not given many details about their “smart fridge” with Android.

The’ve seen in a rendering that shows Double LCD 32 inches in the front , each in a door and devoted body and soul to show us all the information on the features implemented in the fridge and the part that we assume will be reserved to the freezer.

We know nothing of hardware, though surely encourage two screens require quite powerful, but yes, do not expect high end because surely will not be the case given the functionality expected of a refrigerator.

Nor has transcended much information on the customization that Haier prepared on Android to give life to this intelligent fridge, although it has been announced that we can control the shelf life of various products, weather, news, a web browser and, presumably, some other online shopping service.

No doubt it will take a further step in popular, but that tells us far behind Android will conquer watches and cars. ? And you, did you expect to smart appliances

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Haier Digi Aqua Type 1, with you the first intelligent refrigerator with Android
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June 18, 2015

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