Hatchi is the closest thing to this Tamagotchi you could not take your youth

sang As Karina in the 60″ Any time spent seems better. ” That’s the reason I occasionally enter a nostalgic fever that defies any sense of good taste that we have, so we spent the unspeakable in compilations of Parcheesi games and clones of Tamagotchi . Because the latter is what is Hatchi , a hybrid version of the popular gadget and unwanted parenthood.

fever Tamagotchi was small devices with a virtual being eager for our attention, which we should take care at all times, on pain of a horrible death. Hatchi is nothing more than a fairly faithful version of this concept, starting with a grayscale graphics that, it must be said, do not exploit the current hardware too.

The purpose if any, is to ensure that our stupid, do not miss anything, from basic needs like food and hygiene, other more delicate as education and fun. Nor is there any real difference between the different aspects, as all you have to do is make sure you press the correct button when our companion missing something.

The reward for doing it correctly is that the eyesore grow and change appearance according to their characteristics. If we’re playing the free version should be noted that the growth will stop in adolescence. So, in a clear metaphor for real life, we have to proceed to checkout to make sure that our able to reach breeding maturity.

Free Hatchi on Google Play.

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Hatchi is the closest thing to this Tamagotchi you could not take your youth
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October 23, 2012

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