Hax Launcher: Things you need most, closer

Hax Launcher: Things you need most, closer

If I ask for a launcher for your Android escogeríais What? Some would say Nova, other Apex, occasional, and are also used by the classic Go Launcher or Launcher Pro But if we realize the differences between them are minimal (except for Chameleon). That’s why some try to differentiate themselves, such as the aforementioned Chameleon, TSF Shell Launcher or that we present you today, Hax Launcher.

Hax Launcher Beta

Hax Launcher launcher proposes a concept of something different. We have the classic home screen and in the same drawer applications on Android 4.0 and 4.1, the only difference is that to access the box, we have to go through an intermediate screen where you will find access to search, to specific applications or settings (showing a quick settings bar). Probably you will understand better with this video they have done in XDA.

Another difference is found in the application bar located at the bottom. In most launchers can choose which applications are shown in the dock, however Hax Launcher will show the latest applications run, so that it is easier to access the most common applications.

Currently the application is in beta , so that many of the options are still disabled. However, it seems that this concept looks good and maybe in future releases, when all is much more polished, becoming one of the reference launchers.

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