Haze OS: Linux distribution that collects the best of the rest

Haze OS: Linux distribution that compiles the best of other

When the open source philosophy aside and let the best programs from different backgrounds or distributions are caught, just creating Haze OS.

Today there are hundred of Linux distributions that we provide user experiences for all tastes. So different yet so alike inside, you can not resist trying everything new that is coming out there . For this occasion, I bring something unusual in this world where free and open source technologies precedence over everything else. Let’s have a look at Haze OS , a Linux distro with a view of the more pragmatic.

Features Haze OS


One of the features that most caught my attention in this distro, is the fact that they have decided to choose custodial tools to carry installed by default . We are normally accustomed to distributions that we provide in your installation CD a suite of free tools, according to the desktop environment to go to install. Thus, in the most conventional distributions would mainly open source software developed by in GNOME GNOME programs of elementary OS you in the Pantheon environment … I do the idea.

Haze OS surprised by a medley of what they regarded as the best different programs of multiple desktop environments . Furthermore, seem to care the same if the programs are free or proprietary, complying with its function well enough. Therefore, every advocate of free technologies not think to look kindly on this distribution. In short, Haze OS leaves philosophy aside and adopts a pragmatic point of view regarding the selection of programs to be included by default in the ISO. The reason for this is simple, have a ready to use with the best apps when you finish the installation environment.

As for programs including OS Haze would have the calendar California of the creators of client desktop mail Geary (also included), the editor Scratch text of elementary OS (has autosave feature in each press), an application for time Gnome desktop environment, a journal of the XFCE environment and other accessories for Twitter , sound, video, games … etc. As proprietary applications have decided to include the suite Kingsoft Office , the client game Steam , the software center AppGrid and probably escape me any more

Haze flavors OS


  • Core Edition : is the default editing of this particular Linux distribution. It is based on Ubuntu and has the desktop environment Cinnamon, topped with lots of extras and widgets to provide a user experience as complete.
  • Origami Edition (aka Origami OS 2.0 ) : used as a base Debian Testing and brings a KDE desktop with many applications in this environment. We caution that the trouble with this is that in your repository will have far fewer applications based environments Ubuntu
  • Touch Edition (image above) . It is based editing Ubuntu 3.10 brings a Gnome environment. Personalized themed icons and Haze OS that give a pretty good look, change the environment even more with many extensions for the Dash. They include a Terminal Drop-Down by default, which slides to appear on screen by pressing F6.

The most curious of this distro is that on your website have a section called “Defects Haze OS “, which surprisingly do not hide what might seem like a failure of the distribution . Among these defects we find that only provide ISOs for x64 architectures, including proprietary software or ISO size is huge. End with a section called “Defects Linux” in which complain that Linux does not have professional video editors and best video game titles still are struggling to come.

It really gives pause the vision that has made this distro. If we let our pride Linuxero aside, we must admit that the vast majority of people use proprietary formats documents , so you have a program that gives them good support as Kingsoft Office sometimes inevitable (for students for example). Speaking of video editors professional quality, it seems that no interest to enough people (see the case of Pitivi ). But as video games have improved a lot, whenever coolest titles for Linux come through Steam. Even so, I still think we still have room for improvement in some aspects if we want to offer a truly all-terrain operating system. Therefore, I invite you to give them a little more support to these free projects that we love , whether developed, warning of bugs or grants. It is the only way to improve.

Haze OS has caught what they think works best regardless themselves are open source programs. Do you think well a Linux distro is so flexible? Or should limit themselves to open programs opens the debate


Haze OS: Linux distribution that collects the best of the rest
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February 3, 2015

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