Hearthstone announces battlefields, a new mode autobattler for 8 players

The game of cards Blizzard has revealed a new expansion, titled The Decline of the Dragons, and has presented the mode autobattler, that you will be able to test next week.

on the occasion of the BlizzCon, which is being held this weekend Blizzard has announced a new expansion for Hearthstone, titled The Descent of the Dragons, and a new way game, battlegrounds, which is a autobattler, a new strategy genre that was fashionable at the beginning of this year with games such as Autochess and Teamfight Tactics.

The Decline of the Dragons

The new expansion, The Descent of the Dragons, with 135 new cards, among which are the new cards of hero of Galakrond, side quests and the new keyword to Convene, along with a lot of dragons. This expansion will reach the December 10, and will be the conclusion of the Year of The Dragon.

Until the time of the launch, you will be able to pre-purchase two packs of envelopes of letters of The Descent of the Dragons: one 60 envelopes which includes a letter legendary gold of The Descent of the Dragons and the back of the letter to “The slaughter”, and the megapack with 100 envelopes, that includes the gifts above and the new warrior hero playable Deathwing. These packs are on sale for 49,99 € 79,99 € respectively.

battle Fields

Blizzard has announced battleground Hearthstone, a totally new player to your veteran card game. It is a way for eight players and 24 unique heroes, in which players recruit henchmen, the position themselves strategically and look at how they fight for the victory.

this Is a game mode-free, and is designed as a separate experience that uses Hearthstone as base, but that is not required to build or maintain a collection of letters. Battle-fields of Hearthstone will be available for everyone at the start of the beta, this Tuesday, 12 November. The early access will be available from the 5th to the 11th of November for those who attend the BlizzCon, to acquire the Virtual ticket, or buy any pack of The Descent of the Dragons, the new expansion.

as of December all over the world can have free access to battlefield Hearthstone. Players will be able to unlock optional features by purchasing booster packs of the most recent expansion, either free of charge, with gold or with real money. With the purchase of 10 envelopes, they will gain the ability to elicit or communicate with their opponents through colorful emoji; with 20 will be able to choose between three different bosses instead of two at the beginning of each game; and, if the number of envelopes is 30, envelopes, and unlocks the ability to communicate with their opponents using a system of gestures, visual.

Hearthstone announces battlefields, a new mode autobattler for 8 players

Hearthstone announces battlefields, a new mode autobattler for 8 players
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November 1, 2019

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