Heaven’s Gate UFO religion


Speaking of American cult Heaven’s Gate of exploring the limits of human wisdom and put aside reasoning. UFO religion whose tragic ending shocked the American public.

Heaven’s Gate (Gate of Heaven in English) was the name given one of the most dangerous sects and fanatical USA during the last decades of the twentieth century. Marshall Herff Applewhite, founder created a cult alien unparalleled in American society in flux, the Cold War immersed in the fear of a nuclear conflict.

Applewhite, a native of Texas, he was known for his musical and dramatic talent. He was a good speaker and he used to impress the audience with his impressive baritone. He even tried to fulfill his dream of becoming an actor performing several performances in New York but failing and returning to Houston to head the music department at a university. Married with two children, Applewhite divorced in 1968 and two years later left his job after suffering a nervous breakdown. However, in 1972 he met Bonnie Nettles , a nurse with deep biblical beliefs and interested in the paranormal. Soon the couple decided to call themselves the two chosen as mentioned in the Book of Revelation and should play an important spiritual mission. They spent months traveling the country and inflicted many laws, oblivious to earthly standards, being held Applewhite and imprisoned for stealing a car rental.

 Marshall Applewhite in his time as head of the music department at the University of St. Thomas (Houston) Source:. Bizarrepedia

Marshall Applewhite in his time as head of the music department at the University of Santo Thomas (Houston). Source: Bizarrepedia

During his months of confinement, his paranoia was developed to reach call itself as an alien sent to Earth in order to help people to reach the sky. For him, the human body was only an earthly vehicle was needed to get rid reach a higher level. In fact, he became convinced that a UFO soon come to take them back to heaven and be able to complete their mission. Specifically, the UFO would travel by Comet Hale-Bopp , one of the brightest and best studied in recent decades.

After serving his sentence, the couple returned to take her travels, giving lectures and conferences that left an indelible mark on most of the attendees. It is said that in one of those appointments in the university community of Cañada College (California), more than half of the public He joined the sect that day. The sect grew to over 200 acolytes For Heaven’s Gate were heading to his disciples as “crew” and they were instructed to leave all their wants, needs and connections with the mundane : family, friends, media, gender and even facial hair. Over the years, the congregation grew to more than 200 followers who worked as missionaries spread their fanatical beliefs. Until the 1990s, after the death of his partner, Applewhite decided the time had come to end ritual

Video Fragment initiation starring Marshall Applewhite.

Between 22 and March 23, 1997, the 39 members of Heaven’s Gate committed suicide in an act that represented his departure from Earth. in stages, members ingested a toxic combination of barbiturates and spirit that it was a considerable slowdown in breathing. Poisoning facilitating their choking on plastic bags tied to their heads had moments before. According to the customs of the group, each individual wearing an identical uniform of his peers, but in the last months had added a small patch with the message “Team Far From Heaven’s Gate” which identified them as mere visitors our planet instead of people.

In addition, to his last and fatal ritual covered with purple shrouds. A choice that resembles many funerary customs around the world . A color that matched the Easter party, so popular in the US and also was the favorite color of Bonnie Nettles, co-founder of the sect who died of cancer 12 years before the mass suicide. But another element that caught the attention of the researchers was the finding of a five dollar bill and three pennies in the pocket of each of the bodies. The suicides were carried out in stages to ensure the death of all its members Details later emerged as a common practice to avoid being left without money for transportation, which could reveal some distrust among members. But despite this, yes there was the determination to end their lives and in stages In particular, in three waves:. The members of each wave showered and tidied once killed his companions, and they confiscated their plastic bags and string head. Specifically, Applewhite took his own life on the second day, accompanied by his closest aides. He was a former member of the sect who found the 39 bodies, upon receiving a letter detailing the location chosen for the ritual.

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