Hellblade 2 will count with the collaboration of the band Heilung to give shape to your music

A group of experimental music that seeks inspiration from the Iron Age and that is going to work closely with Ninja Theory

Hellblade 2 has become the first game officially announced for the Xbox Series X, the next generation of the Microsoft console. After having been shown just a couple of days at The Game Awards, now Ninja Theory has given some details about the production of this title: have revealed that the soundtrack will count with the collaboration of Heilung.

Heilung band is an international but with strong roots in scandinavian (its members are from Denmark, Norway and Germany), which employs instruments that seek to reconstruct how it was the music of the Iron Age with the inspiration of the north of Europe and influences of the celts in his compositions.

therefore, their music is experimental to the extent that they seek to explore ancient sounds, in such a way that their contributions may very well fit in the aesthetic and spirit of the universe created by Ninja Theory. In the announcement on social networks carried out by the team we see members of the band, along with the actress who played Zenua and Melina Juergens, video editor of the study.

For users who know the trajectory of the musical training, the announcement has not been a big surprise, since his theme music “In Maidjan” could be heard in the video presentation of the title. Below you can see a video of the band playing the same live track:

With a setting nordic and details even more macabre than the original, the new installment promises to take us back to a journey to the interior of the mind. However, in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice the psychological component is fundamental and the treatment that the study has given of the same within the game has been very well appreciated by the community of players.

The first game is cross-platform

even Though Ninja Theory is now part of Microsoft, the first game was released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In fact, he made his debut in 2017 on PC and PS4 and not come to Xbox One until 2018. Later, with Ninja Theory already built in to Microsoft, was also published in a version for the Nintendo Switch.

From Vandal I spent a test launch that you can read in the following link, as well as a guide that I also invite you to consult.

Xbox Series X: the future of Xbox

The Xbox new generation will establish a new maximum in terms of speed and power for a video game console, according to Phil Spencer, the head of the brand Xbox.

Microsoft has stated that Xbox Series X you will have four times the processing power of your console intergenerational, Xbox One X, with a GPU twice as powerful, reaching 12 teraflops; at the same time they promise that this power will be executed in a console “efficient and silent” where you can play thousands of games Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Going into more concrete details, from the brand promise graphics 4K at 60 frames per second, but there will be compatibility with 120 frames per second, refresh rate and variable-resolution 8K. This will be possible thanks to the processor the Zen 2 and the architecture of the next generation RDNA of AMD.

Microsft has patented a technology called Variable Rate Shading (VRS), which “will allow developers to extract even more of the GPU of the Xbox Series X and our next-generation SSD, which will eliminate virtually load times and take players to their game worlds more quickly than ever before.”

in Addition to insisting on the possibilities of the cloud for which it is prepared to provide the console at the level of both hardware and software, developers will have access to two proprietary technologies: Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), and Dynamic Latency Imput (DLI).

Hellblade 2 will count with the collaboration of the band Heilung to give shape to your music

Hellblade 2 will count with the collaboration of the band Heilung to give shape to your music
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December 14, 2019

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