Hera Project: Google Now from anywhere and new navigation bar. New rumors


None know what the next update of Android in store for us: KitKat has been an update that has been focused on optimization and performance more than anything else, without major improvements in view of the common user. The rumors do not seem to want to leave out what Google places in the future, if we ignore what they say would by Hera Project, a remarkable change in the design that has characterized so far Android , and it seems that the rumors that have come out today to the arena will have new design for a while.

First, I must say that this is a rumor that has echoed AndroidPolice as an exclusive. Not reveal which source has told them that everything they say in his article , but has a creedibilidad say 8 out of 10 though seems to be an active project that can dramatically change many things . It is also why so the images that accompany the rumor are mounts the website itself and not a real demonstration of how they work, so it is best that you, Take this for what it is. Rumor

Now Google

and “Ok Google” everywhere


The rumor itself try that happen to Google Now be an inseparable part of the system : We accompany any application in several ways, among which are “Ok Google” command available anywhere and a new navigation bar in the we would have a button to “Google” which would replace the Home button to which we are accustomed (talk more in depth about this). In addition, the voice command would give us access to exclusive actions of each application, such as to respond to an email, register a calendar appointment or share a photo in the gallery by saying the magic words and what you want to do.

Voice commands: new system password

To give you an idea of ​​how the system works, you can see the video in AndroidPolice prepared for a somewhat more visual reference. red g in a circle acquires more prominence as we have seen in Android Wear , plus it seems to be separated from the application you’re using immediately after activation. And what can we expect from these voice commands is that Google can implement actions suggest to us, but is still to be seen how this will work.

New Navigation Bar

Google Navigation Bar Hera

Furthermore, it is worth noting what would be a change bold enough completely redesign the navigation bar, placing a button instead of the typical Google Home button with which we always, and would function as a shortcut to Google Now wherever we are. The second button would be “Recent”, the interface of which we spoke seemed unify Chrome and Android searches and from which we could access the desktop with a simple swipe to the right. And the arrow would be the only thing we know for sure how it works, our beloved Back we already have in the navigation bar now.

A Google Nexus and experience just for GPE

Google Gmail Hera

And this seems to Google is not developing it for Android, but you are looking to create their own user experience . Samsung, Sony, Huawei, LG … everyone seems to want Android distinguished themselves with layers of personalization, and Google may be developing this for the Google Nexus and Play Edition devices, creating a strong experience from start to finish by Google and could not find on a device that does not fall into one of these two categories.


Google and its Android division seems that they are moving to give a really important weight Now Google voice actions and, when so far were relegated to the desktop and little else. In Google have everything you need for doing something far more ambitious than is Now a day, and according to this development seem to be taking steps to do so. Although we must remember that this is a rumor, and if it is true, could change dramatically as it develops. That is what we in store the next major Android updates?

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Hera Project: Google Now from anywhere and new navigation bar. New rumors
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April 26, 2014

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