Here are the first photos extensions for Mac

Here are the first photos extensions for Mac

A couple of weeks after the arrival of OS X Captain the first applications with extensions to edit images direc...

A couple of weeks after the arrival of OS X Captain the first applications with extensions to edit images directly in Photos reach the Mac App Store

He has played wait a couple of weeks, but we can enjoy one of the innovations that I personally expected more at OS X Captain: Photos extensions that allow us to use third-party tools without leaving the app. It may not be one of the most striking features of the new OS, but if you are one of those that make owning all our photos in iCloud worthwhile.

The idea, which debuted el last year with ios 8, is: when will edit an image from our library rather than having to open it in another app and resave (which generates a duplicate) carry out all the issues within Photos (thus we forget duplicates) but with the editing tools of our favorite applications.

This is possible by extension technology with which developers can make some of the functions of your app (no limitations) are available in Pictures. Tools (whether filters, brushes or settings) are the same and the only limitation is the interface


Of all the applications including extension for photos in OS X the best known of all is doubtless Pixelmator. The famous photo editor debuts with a slightly different extension to what many users expected: disort. With it we can “transform” our picture thanks to his brushes to move, zoom, rotate or belittle. Ideal to remove some loose skin.

All the effects are applied in real time without waiting with OS X technologies 10.11 Metal, which accelerates graphics, or language programming Swift 2. And if your Mac has Force Touch, depending on the pressure you make the tools act in one way or another. Personally I am not a big fan of the tools available, I would have liked to see something more like what we have in extension iOS, but seeing the name and what you have commented on his blog not think this is the only extension that will have Pixelmator for Mac.


In the case of BeFunky the extension is focused on providing a couple of tools that improve our everyday portraits and a few other photos we can do to save the memory. In this way we can soften her skin to remove impurities portrait, change the skin tone, brighten our eyes or blanquearnos teeth. Ideal for “improved” a little before uploading the photo to Facebook. An HDR filter is also included to give a touch of “proven” to our photos and another called “Auto Fix” with which to improve our photos automatically. Although the latter already includes photos by default.


As for Noiseless, of Macphun, the function that has its size is very simple: remove digital noise that appears in our nightly photos. For those who do not know what I mean with “noise” is the “grain” that appears in many night scenes after force the camera to use high ISO values ​​(sensitivity to light sensor). Many modern cameras and phones usually have options to reduce noise, but in some cases it is just as aggressive and stealing much detail is better off. And that is the good part of Noiseless, who despite scoring noisy images processing is much more advanced so that the results are better.


In the case of Snapheal, also Macphun, the extension also focuses on eliminating, only instead of making noise is delete objects, people and unwanted details from our photo. Thus, if in our picture was cast some unexpected detail or have been impossible for us to remove without showing Snapheal can use to delete “magically” of our pictures. Since grains and injuries to wires and fences, all those unwanted elements in our pictures can disappear thanks to this extension


The role of extension Tonality is help create pictures in black and white, only instead of applying the typical desaturation does so with a variety of adjustments and filters that make image look much more personality. From a vintage touch to an HDR options Tonality are varied and there is something for everyone.

These are just some of those available in the Mac App Store, but most likely is that in the coming weeks and months, the number will increase. Personally I would not mind seeing VSCO shaped extension Photos (once it was for Aperture) on the computer as it is and to Lightroom, but seeing that they have not yet released its extension for iOS better I feel to wait.


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