Here is Jessica Hyde: the remake of ‘Utopia’ is one of its protagonists

Here is Jessica Hyde: the remake of 'Utopia' is one of his protagonists

Where is Jessica Hyde? Every fan of ‘Utopia’ remember that question, repeated several times by the memorable psychopath played by Neil Maskell. Well, the cast of remake american has started over there. The ascending Sasha Lane has been chosen to give life to the new version of Hyde.

This young interpreter of 23 years he began to be talked about for his amazing debut, ‘American Honey’. Later he acted in the acclaimed ‘The Miseducation of Cameron Post’ and has a role in the reboot of ‘Hellboy’. Has shown talent and charisma, is a step in the good direction for ‘Utopia’.

Although it may sound absurd to put in motion a remake of american ‘Utopia’ (the original is already in English and is wonderful), this is far from the first time you do something well. ‘House of Cards’ is based on the miniseries written by Andrew Davies and Michael Dobbs, and ‘The Office’ adapts a creation of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, to name just two popular titles.

Amazon is behind the new ‘Utopia’, whose first season will consist of nine episodes. To the front of the series is the writer Gillian Flynn (‘Lost’, ‘open Wounds’ or ‘Viudas’) that have already attempted to develop the remake, to HBO with David Fincher, neither more nor less. The director does not continue involved in this project, but Flynn and Amazon are in collaboration with Dennis Kelly, creator of the original show, as executive producer.

Gillian Flynn left these statements on the signing of Sasha Lane:

“As I was writing Utopia, imagining the actress who could give life to Jessica Hyde, Sasha Lane irrumpía constantly on my mind. Has the ability to transform and seem at the same time gross, unpredictable and a bit unsettling, at the same time that makes you want to wrap your arms. Could not be more excited to have her playing this character totally unique.”

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Here is Jessica Hyde: the remake of ‘Utopia’ is one of its protagonists
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January 31, 2019

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