History repeats itself: ‘Blade Runner 2049’ disappoints at the box office

Blade Runner 2049

Although ‘Blade Runner’ is considered an undisputed classic of science-fiction, in his time was a failure; bad reviews and a disappointing debut at the box office.

after 35 years, comes a sequel in which they have spent 150 million dollars; this time the views are very positive but the current audience has not been interested enough to turn it into success.

‘Blade Runner 2049’ has achieved the objective of the # 1 in united States, however only has raised $ 31 million of dollars after your first weekend, when the pronóstico of the experts was 45-50M$ . Even tripling the data at the end of her commercial career, which is unlikely, your harvest will be away from the budget.

Its average per screen is high compared to the rest of titles in the listings but is lower than that of ‘Kingsman: The circle of gold’ (9.748$ ) or ‘It’ (30.076$ ), to mention two recent successes. Luckily for the makers of ‘Blade Runner 2049’, yes is working well in the market “international” and has reached 50 million, in summary, the global total is 81.7 million on the first weekend in billboard. We’ll see how it holds in the coming weeks, but we may have to wait another three decades to see a third installment…

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History repeats itself: ‘Blade Runner 2049’ disappoints at the box office
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October 8, 2017

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