History Timeline in Chrome, a new look on your browsing history

history timeline

P.ota.to Led by collaborating with Google’s Creative Lab and seen in Unlike our default web history showing the date visited URLS, History Timeline will show a timeline of the sites visited with the corresponding thumbnails page, offering a much more based interface images that the analysis of URLs. To install and give permission for our history, extent miniatures show us all that visit from that time after the installation, at which time we will start sailing and all that data will be saved in the “timeline”. We refer to it at any time or chronological order or by selecting a specific date to show us which pages visited that day.

A curious feature to note is that the extension we will group the pages of the web site in an entry, and if we want to see in detail what we have visited within this website, we Clicking on the thumbnail and see the information displayed. In addition, important detail, History Timeline knows we are concerned about security and privacy, and all our navigation data are stored locally.

You can install the extension History Timeline on the link to

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History Timeline in Chrome, a new look on your browsing history
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August 2, 2013

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