Honor Band A1, Huawei stands up to Xiaomi on low cost smartbands

Honor Band 2

Huawei has entered another battle again, the low cost smart bracelets . A field clearly dominated by Xiaomi with My Band range, which will grow in early June with the new model with LED display known as Mi Band 2 . His response is called Honor Band A1 and comes in two formats.

Although the Honor V8 and 2K resolution screen the attention of all the cameras were taken during the last event of Huawei, the Chinese giant also taught this bracelet and virtual reality headset Huawei VR


Bracelets Honor Band A1 are formed by a fastening which can be rubber or leather and a metallic sensor that has received the IP57 certification , which data is collected and transmitted to another connection support through bluetooth 4.2 . It does not own or screen but a LED and vibration to communicate with the user when your smartphone receives notifications of calls, messages or other content you choose to configure.

Honor Band

Allows measurement exercise (steps, speed and calories burned) and sleep. However, it includes a sensor which does not have the My Band, the sensor UV , an increasingly extended element among Chinese mobile given the priority given by the Chinese market protection against the sun.

The battery of this sport bracelet is 70 mAh, and according to Huawei, that’s enough to be awake for 28 days . Then it is necessary to recharge the sensor, which is done by the micro USB port. The total weight is 20 grams.

The price of Honor Band A1 when premiere in China on May 25 will be between 99 yuan of rubber (about 13 euros) and 199 yuan the skin (about 27 euros). In addition, since the launch will be offered in eight different colors. Well below the 169 euros it costs in the Spanish market . Huawei Talkband B2 (199 euros in the case of gold model)

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Honor Band A1, Huawei stands up to Xiaomi on low cost smartbands
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May 11, 2016

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