Hotspotio, share your connection via WiFi terminal for favors [Android]

It is clear that we have used to carry Internet wherever we go, but can be a number of circumstances that could not have connectivity to our mobile terminals, for what a choice we have is to ask our friends to share the connections of their handsets so that we can connect to their networks and perform the activities that need to change to return the favor in the form of appreciation or otherwise.

This is precisely what gives us the Android app called Hotspotio , where on one hand we can put our terminals and Internet access points to the terminals of our friends, and the other hand on the contrary, where we who connect us to the connections of the networks of our friends. In any case, both must have the application installed. One advantage we have with Hostpotio is that the same application handles simplify our connectivity, which we avoid having to put passwords, among other things.

The application features integration with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so we can limit our connections to the terminals only our contacts in them, but they then we will be able to thank within the same social networks. We may also share our connections with friends of our friends, or completely public.

Thus, for example, we may ask that we can connect our networks invite friends to change a Coffee, among other options. Over time, we can see the balance of favors to who is inclined.

Hotspotio be available for free for Android 2.2 and higher terminals.

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Hotspotio, share your connection via WiFi terminal for favors [Android]
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