How ‘Black Panther’ has left us with the soundtrack most special of the movies of the Marvel Universe

Black Panther

for a season I shared with you my vision on what I think as one of the main problems of the Movie Universe of Marvel: too generic and the lack of a mime putting on a soundtracks, except for honorable exceptions, as may be the work of Alan Silvestri for ‘The Avengers’ or Brian Tyler for ‘Iron Man 3’, only generate indifference while is lost among a vast sea of musical notes, impossible-to-remember.

With ‘Thor Ragnarok’, The Home of the Ideas he tried to bring some freshness to the franchise musically, remaining in the medium gas is not muster enough courage to gamble the one hundred percent with a melodies synthwave that you sat in wonder to the tape. A value of yes have had it with ‘Black Panther’, a feature film with the they have achieved, for the first time, providing a soundtrack to the most special and as unique as the film it accompanies.

Kevin Present and the other powers that marvelitas have done his work very well with ‘Black Panther’ in many aspects, being the first and most important of them is the have given creative freedom to Ryan Coogler to make production; something that affects directly to the marked section sound the same, achieving a finish that is absolutely epic.

like in terms of tone and genre —and where Coogler combines with success the tragedy in the key done with the adventure of spies in the style of 007— the director, which alchemist, proposed an atypical cocktail music in the compositions of cut classic mix with the beats hip-hoppers of rapper Kendrick Lamar, resulting in a B. S. O. as atypical as it is spectacular.

The first time that the hype, the box and the letters of Lamar and his co-workers slip between the instruments of the orchestra directed by the Swedish Ludwig Göransson, the sense of surprise —and satisfaction— is only surpassed by the levels of energy and charisma that these bring to the story. But not limited to cataloguing the soundtrack of ‘Black Panther’ mere flourish aesthetics aesthetics would be both unfair and unwise.

in Addition to strengthening and help work the peculiar amalgam environmental film —between the mystical, the tribal and the purely urban, the decision to introduce the factor of hip-hop in the equation acquires a sense of story, serving these rhythms as a leitmotif for the villain Killmonger, stepping up its strong identity with a musical genre, perfectly connected to the roots and background of the character.

of course, despite the many benefits that make it one of the best in the Marvel Universe, the B. S. O. of ‘Black Panther’ continues to suffer from a glaring lack of hook —especially on the symphonic— that prevents endure in our memory and of an excess of evidence at the time to emphasize the drama and the emotion. However, the work of Coogler, Lamar and company goes beyond a simple wrapper lacking soul and intention and, like the film, runs away from generic and provides the public with a product that shines out among its congeners.

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How ‘Black Panther’ has left us with the soundtrack most special of the movies of the Marvel Universe
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February 19, 2018

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