How can I change my signature in Gmail, step-by-step

Although used daily, is often not know all the aspects of the applications, because that always arise some doubts or even discover features that are not known. The signature is this text that you can leave set to come out of auto mode at the end of the emails that one sends. How do I change in Gmail?you should First explain how to create a signature text that by the way can reach 10,000 characters. Once inside our personal account, we seek to ‘Settings’ (the icon of the wheel mechanics), we click again on that word and, in the section ‘General’, find ‘Signature’ after a little scroll. After writing the desired text, go down to ‘Save changes’.If you want to modify or delete this content that comes by default, just to carry out to the reverse the original step before quoted. It should be noted that this simple route makes reference to the cases in which Gmail is used through the computer.If we are in a device with iOS system (iPhone and iPad), the route is just as easy but it varies a bit. Open the application, go to the menu (the icon of the parallel lines), click on ‘Settings’, touch where it appears our account, we focus in Settings ‘the firm’, disabling ‘Signature for mobile’, the changed or eliminated. When you go back, the action is saved.If we have Android system and we want to set this text, within the app go to the menu, then ‘Settings’, select the account and touch in a ‘Signature’, we delete the text that would and give ‘Ok’.The assistance center that can be found in the service of Gmail help implies a practical guide to these issues.
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How can I change my signature in Gmail, step-by-step
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December 26, 2019

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