How come the Oscars more predictable of the story? The awards season has subtracted almost all of the excitement

The actors that are sweeping in the awards

about the 90th gala of the Oscars (4 march), and all indications are that the awards of interpretation are already determined. Unless big surprise, the statuettes will end up in the hands of Frances McDormand‘Three ads in the outskirts’ (‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’)—, Gary Oldman‘The instant more dark’ (‘Darkest Hour’)—, the Allison Janney‘I, Tonya’ (‘I, Tonya’)— and Sam Rockwell —’Three announcements in the outskirts’—.

And it is this quartet of actors has swept the awards season. Yesterday came back to win in the 71st edition of the BAFTA after winning the ceremonies of the Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice and awards SAG (actors guild). Is the first year where the same four actors take on all these awards. It seems that there is no one else of his height this year. And of course, to the Oscar-2018 is a bad news…

actors winners of this year

The only thing more boring than an awards gala is a gala of delivery of awards precedible. Oldman, McDormand, Rockwell and Janney should already be preparing new speeches of gratitude for the Oscar; it seems unlikely that others will amarguen the night, though of course there could be some surprises. No one protestaría if, for example, Lesley Manville or Laurie Metcalf defeat Janney, or if Woody Harrelson and Richard Jenkins go up to pick up the “calvo dorado” in place of Rockwell.

In fact, there are a certain amount of controversy with the character racist Rockwell although up to now it has not been harmed, rather that it can affect in the paragraphs of script or film. Maybe if it had become to talk of the #OscarsSoWhite there could be some pressure to reward a performer black (there are four nominees: Denzel Washington, Daniel Kaluuya, Mary J. Blige, and Octavia Spencer), but this year it seems that the controversy is on the other side.

Guillermo del Toro, and Martin McDonagh Guillermo del Toro, and Martin McDonagh with their Globes of Gold

What is certain is that there is emotion in relation to other awards highlights:

the Oscar to the best direction is practically in the pocket of Guillermo del Toro by ‘the shape of The water’ (‘The Shape of Water’). The mexican filmmaker has won the four same performances that the actors mentioned above: the Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice, BAFTA, and awards from the union (in this case the DGA).

So, it seems that there is only suspense in the last category of the night, the best movie. Which is not bad, because it will keep us attentive until the end. The big favourites are ‘The way of the water’ (13 Oscar nominations), won the Critic’s Choice and awards of the union of producers (PGA)and ‘Three posters in the outskirts’ (7 nominations to the Oscar), winner of the Golden Globe and the BAFTA. For which of the two bets?

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How come the Oscars more predictable of the story? The awards season has subtracted almost all of the excitement
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February 19, 2018

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