How does Facebook suggest people you may know?

Although in the end the user is used to it, and not become so obsessed with accepting friend requests, and expand your social universe (it is more, then it tends to sift and purge the volume of contacts), Facebook has always flake relating to the ‘People you may know’. More than anything is the fact that surprised that the system knows that you have or you have maintained some degree of connection with that person suggested (even quite some time ago). How is it possible?The cause lies in the complex magic of algorithms, data, and internal search of matching patterns from the information provided in the profiles (even the one not even imagined to have an influence on the monitoring). Without entering into this difficult section, which also goes hand in hand with a reflection on data and privacy, let’s go to the thing that says Facebook official about the ‘People you may know’.In its help service, the company notes that the section is based on factors such as friends in common, belong to the same group, being tagged in a photo, the areas specified (school, university, work) and the contacts that one has come up with previously.In case you rejoice the view (first impact) a suggestion of friendship centered in someone that had lost the track, the impulse is to make ‘click’ on add and send a contact request. And otherwise, beyond gossip in some detail, it is best to leave it be or delete the proposal. You can also block that person.In regard to the cases in which they appear recommendations of people with whom there are no contacts in common, Facebook remember that quite a few users have configured their list as private, and therefore in some suggestions of friends of friends, not to display that data.
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How does Facebook suggest people you may know?
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December 20, 2019

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