How HP understands the needs of millennials #RompelasReglas

How HP understands the needs of millennials #RompelasReglas

millennials are perhaps one of the generations on which more has been written to highlight the differences they have with the rest of the world. This generation is represented to be the so-called digital natives, people who have grown up with technology under his arm as representing a time of great innovation.

The day of this new generation is very similar between its members wake up early to go to college or work, talk to during the day hours with peers through instant messaging applications, consume a large advertising through their smartphone, watch TV and if they do not care nothing have no problem seeing shows or series online, use social networks to interact with other users related to them, listen to music for hours and see dozens of videos a week are sociable and frequenting places of leisure and coolest little known of the city.

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Break the Rules is the best campaign focused on the needs of millennials In this sense, because all the features that make it unique the generation of the millennials , innovate new products and help them perform the tasks of daily need. A generation accustomed to flee downtime and need to get to school or work anytime requires tools that precisely give them enough freedom for both tasks or enjoy anytime, anywhere; ie, a new generation of devices designed for a new generation of users

HP Pavilion x360

Products that inspire, having the versatility to go beyond two type situations that anyone faces. The millennials are different, as are the new family of convertibles HP as the HP Pavilion x2 or HP Pavilion x360 with a 360 degree hinge folds allowing adapt to any situation: traditional notebook mode to answer emails, take notes or create documents, stand for watching movies, videos or favorite series as a tablet to navigate, browse photos, share your screen, or especially similar to a shop ideal for playing campaign.

To get to meet the needs of this new generation not only products like HP adapted to them but needed a campaign that encourages behind try them in stores. The campaign #RompelasReglas HP ​​is a good example of this, the viralización through social media influencers to contact significantly by this new target is his great cornerstone.

Meghan Trainor and shooting her latest music video Lips Are Movin as part of the #RompeLasReglas campaign is an action. Marcus Johns, Cody Johns and Robby Ayala are other influencers who have participated in #RompeLasReglas and have highlighted that it is one of the most groundbreaking and close to all millennials campaigns to generate a mutual dialogue with an entire generation values ​​creativity, originality, quality of products or services and the need to break with the established lines


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