How is OnePlus repair service? A personal experience


While my OnePlus 3 I am flying through the air I had a split second to think I’m stupid. When I received the terminal end of June, I liked both its feel and appearance that cloistered not want to have a permanent cover . I decided, therefore, a case in which insert and remove the phone every time, with hits that turned out to be something great (even though the advertiser eBay said it was for this terminal). When I used it for the first time I learned that the mobile could get out of it and that just happened to me.

The noise made when hitting the ground made it clear that it would not be a hit without consequences. It had fallen on the side of the screen. I picked it up and effectively screen was broken. Auch. However mobile touch screen lit and kept running. It passed through my head the possibility to use it well, but I had spent two months for less than 400 euros in a terminal thought to use it for a good season. At the same time, still with rage and disbelief, I decided to repair it. It was on Thursday, July 28, 20:00 and was at a gas station near my house. He was going to try what about the boys behaved OnePlus your service


All online management

One of the biggest problems when you buy Chinese mobile Internet is the technical service. There is no physical place to go to repair the terminal, no one to talk to, and is a distant mark. With OnePlus is something different. They are Chinese, yes, but have official distribution in Europe. In fact they make sales directly, is one of the reasons why prices are so good (the distributor’s margin saves).

So nothing got home that same July 28 I went on the website of OnePlus. Once done login could see all terminals had bought with them (this is the third, the first was the OnePlus One for me, the second a OnePlus X for my wife, and recently the OnePlus 3). There, just below each terminal there is a button to make a “Service Request” .


Press it leads to a website where you can request a refund, replacement or repair. The website explains that it will take up to two days to reply to this request, and will do so with instructions for collection by a courier. When they reach the terminal it examined by a maximum of two days, and answer us with whatever is appropriate (eg, repair covered by the warranty or if a budget is not). Finally, once they repaired send it back. Everything simple, though in English, nothing in Castilian.


so select repair, fill the shipping data, put a brief description of what was happening and wait. It was still Thursday, July 28 and had just an hour after the incident

Opfaq FAQ service process of OnePlus

Shipping and budget

the next day , Friday, July 29, at 13:00, I received an email from OnePlus. Well, it really was the company that handles repairs OnePlus in Europe, Regenersis. The mail came led by the logo of both companies.


in this mailing label was attached DHL back and forth very clear instructions (again, in English) had to pack the terminal on my own and put the label. DHL would contact me for collection. The label was for a shipment to Regenersis in Warsaw, Poland, by DHL Express.

Just half an hour after I called the carrier. They had been told that happen on Monday, but were flexible. I said that on Monday, August 1 was fine and that happen early. From the 11 it was the earliest.

On Monday August 1 came DHL, around 12:30. I was well packaged terminal, had removed the SIM card and had put a more complicated password. I did not do factory reset in case they did they (hate restore phone), although I know that the SAT first thing they do is that. Again, just he had to wait. Like the original label had shipping tracking number I was able to check online where would my package.

On Tuesday August 2 at 9:00 the package was delivered to its destination. It seems incredible that a shipment of Madrid to Warsaw late less than 24 hours , but so is the globalized world. It is true that living in a smaller city may take two days, but still impressive


the same Tuesday, August 2, at 14:30, came Regenersis me an email (this time not put OnePlus but Regeneris CustomerCare, but within mail yes it was OnePlus logo). In the mail he told me that the repair was not covered by the warranty and I had to accept or reject the budget. There was a link to do so and if not answered in 5 days I return the terminal free of charge.


Opbroken My OnePlus 3 photo attached to the budget repair

the official budget OnePlus service was quite professional. Disaggregating piece (69.63 euros) and labor (20.21 euros), I had VAT (which incidentally was 23%) and also included a photo of the broken terminal. In total joke he would leave me for 90.54 euros, within the range considered likely.

On the web had two buttons, one to accept the budget, and to reject it. If I refused to return the terminal at no charge. And if accepted it (which I did) had to paid by bank transfer to an account in Poland .


This is the part of the process that I disliked. The transfer payment has fewer guarantees long in coming and there is always fear of hidden charges to make an international transfer (although within the EU can not charge more than a national). I think they should improve the process and leave pay with VISA or Paypal, as they do on the website of OnePlus.

Once payment is made only was wait. It was August 2, 15:00. How long would have to go to get back my terminal repaired?


In the following days there was no notification, or that they had received my payment and put with it or otherwise. The wait was tense. But on Friday, August 5th at 15:00 I received an email saying that the terminal was repaired and sent it by DHL. In this mail the shipping tracking number included.


According to DHL the same page Saturday morning was already in the distribution center of Madrid, but it was not until Monday August 8 at 12:30 am when I handed him over. In total the phone was out of my hands in July exact days, and OTRS 3 days since I put the “Service Request”.

The terminal came packaged the same way you send it (albeit with greater protections ) and he attached two documents: a letter explaining the repair (nothing new) and the perfect Polish bill (I say it will be perfect). The terminal was properly repaired and had done a factory reset.

Experience with technical service OnePlus in Europe has been pretty good . The fault I find is that the process has been primarily in English and there has been no communication since paid until they sent me the terminal. But one of the major problems of these processes, the time it takes, has been good, even being August (you never know if this is good or not, will have less work but also less personal). The repair was made in Poland has not added unnecessary time and is appreciated.

Regarding the price, it was what I expected. Normally this type of repairs ranging from 80 to 150 euros depending on the terminal so it has been in the bottom, but I do not worry too much because if there is no problem I going to cover insurance against accidental damage my card credit (hay many toppings that know, in these cases should always call home insurance and credit card)

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How is OnePlus repair service? A personal experience
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August 10, 2016

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