How many megabytes can store the human brain?

How many megabytes can store the human brain?

the human brain is the most powerful computer in the world; But what are the technical features?

The human brain is considered often as one of the most powerful computers in the world, though devoid of chips and its inner workings is far from that of a conventionally computer. From a functional and simplistic view, the brain of a computer is nothing more than a command processor : collects information from the outside or from the human body itself and executes commands on the various systems that make up the human body.

on the other hand, looking at it from a technical point of view and potential, the human brain has an astonishing technical features that if translate to common units within the computer, exceed by a wide margin to all devices around us.

in terms of memory, for example, several studies have established for years brain memory from ten hundred terabytes . However, some recent studies are more optimistic and raise this figure to A petabyte a really high figure-he is considering a petabyte is a thousand times a terabyte –

 brain memory

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on the processing speed, on the other hand, experts say speed of each neuron, measured in kHz, oscillating about a kilohertz , so we can say that the brain is made up of millions of small processors. If we add the frequency of processing all neurons of a brain-more billion-we get a total of one thousand gigahertz, far superior to less than 20 GHz figure found in computers and smartphones today.

the human brain can not be evaluated as a memory or processor

Although several studies get approximate processing capabilities brain to units of measurement technology, would be a complete mistake also associate the same laws and the same reasoning to the human brain . And this body has a much more complex structure and function as that of a memory card or an chip processing.

So, think a petabyte of storage may not be sufficient for a lifetime is a very simplistic reasoning , because the way in which the brain’s memory is managed far from the traditionally used on a memory board.

 brain memory

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Given the above characteristics, it would not be unreasonable to say that the human brain is the most powerful computer ever built. However, some futurists they think that this statement will not be true for a long time, if Moore’s Law continues to evolve as before, could find more powerful than the human brain in just two decades computers. However, at that point, would come into play a new factor, and energy consumption. While the human brain is capable of operating with about 12 watts, a computer similar features would need about one gigawatt, as affirmed in Slate.


How many megabytes can store the human brain?
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February 20, 2016

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