How much I learned from Sesame Street

how much we learned from Sesame Street

Whether you call him Sesame Street, Sesame Street and Sesame Street program has accompanied the education of many children around the world with fun themes and interesting lessons. This is kind of how much he has left generations.

The success of Sesame Street is the kind of projects that start out as a good idea and become a monster in this case many adorable. Its creators Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett understood at the perfect time, back in 1966, the great impact that television had on children. So they set out to create a program which would bring together entertainment with educational content. Much of his destination was doing extensive research in educational matters on the learning process of children and the best tools; and be responsible for the design of the characters to one of the great href=”” Jim Henson .


In the version for Latin America he called: Sesame Street , in Spain it is known as Sesame Street . In the latter, they have not issued new episodes from the April 3, 1995, while for the 34 countries of Latin America the program is still active. In fact, shortly after its release in the United States producers they were amazed by the interest of other channels from around the world who wanted to do their own version of the hit. In 1972 Mexico was among the first and arrival at the public display of Latin America had a pleasant welcome. doormat map on your website shows where they are present.

Now Rather, it is the version that is and the country where it is transmitted, if there is anything that characterizes this beautiful show that combines puppets (Muppets, rather) and humans is that has been able to present issues from different areas to its public child and arouse interest about them . In this regard it may be mentioned that the program seems to leave no loose ends and much talk about matemáticas in daily life, such as public health problems, death of loved ones or the encarcelamiento a family. His subjects are varied and covers areas such as science , Community cooperation, tolerance, also numbers, letters, colors.

On its Web site the original version has material downloadable for parents and educators to provide tools to improve activities at home or school. It also has some simple and cheerful for children applications. Let us therefore, some of the many things we learned with Sesame Street, Sesame Street and Sesame Street.

What is testing?

Expressing emotions and friendship

About the compost

World Locations and geometric shapes

Girls also enjoy football

The importance of hugs

The romance of 1 to 6

that science is fun


Early in the life of this program She faced both fame and criticism. Which would sound louder would on diversity in your characters , both gender and racial and latter in “reverse” sense because it was considered that for some states, like Mississippi, an interracial program as It was from the beginning Sesame Street was “advance” to society. On the other hand, some groups also wanted to be represented in the program, as the case of Hispanics. However, with the passage of time and its different versions for other countries gradually he was covering this topic. The following gallery corresponding to different personajes several countries were created to promote diversity, tolerance and to discuss specific problems in their home countries.

What is a conflict and celebrities

Many international and local artists have passed through the neighborhood, town or Sesame Street. The following video is with the late Robin Williams and the monster of two heads. But have glorious sketches like Peter Dinklage , the Ian Mackelen explaining what “resist” or Hugh Jackman Elmo explaining what is “focus”.

What did you learn Sesame Street?


How much I learned from Sesame Street
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October 3, 2015

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