How the ‘cloud’ could save the crisis of the coronavirus to many companies

Since there are many companies that begin to adapt their forecasts of production and revenue because of the coronavirus. At the moment companies in the industrial sector, and supplies, which estimates short-term need to adapt due to the delivery problems begin to suffer.

But how can it affect the epidemic to the companies of the service sector? The main appeal in this case are the people and the availability of them is fundamental to business productivity. It is for this reason that the prevention of quarantine may involve a temporary closure of its services with its consequent economic losses.

it Is in these situations in which we must adapt. is Not has more the future of a company by producing more, but the one that has the largest capacity of adaptation, and this situation is a clear example of this.

Those companies who are already in the cloud, both its resources and its tools of work, already have a clear advantage to be able to adapt quickly to possible preventive measures against the coronavirus being able to allocate their workers to their homes to perform telework.

Although telecommuting is not a widespread practice in the Spanish company, only 19% of the workers have the possibility to take advantage of someday working distance, there is an upward trend in this practice in the companies.

This practice also is accompanied by the desire of workers: Randstad ensures that almost 70% of workers would like to telework and may not. Taking into account that 60% of workers only require a computer and a phone to exercise, there is only betting on the cloud for deployment.

Thanks to the cloud no matter from where you work, the collaborative work using tools cloud, the possibility of videoconferencing with shared whiteboards, the use of pbx phone IP, and the availability of resources accessible securely from different locations, allow companies have offshored their resources being able to maintain the pace of your business effectively and easily.

According to the latest report Cloud Computing in Spain to 2019’, research in which have taken part the main Spanish companies and analyses the main aspects related to the cloud, el process of migrating to the cloud by companies in the year 2020 will double spending with respect to the 2019, reaching 1,600 million.

The report also discusses the use of the cloud by Spanish companies, highlighting as the main features cloud email and office automation tools (69%), which facilitate the collaborative work and the remote outposts.

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How the ‘cloud’ could save the crisis of the coronavirus to many companies
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