How the LG G5 modular system work? We show it to you in video

Lg G5

LG has dedicated his presentation to Mobile World Congress 2016 G5, its new high-end we expect for the month of April and we already know all details. Beyond first-level technical specifications, its dual camera with a wide angle lens or its sleek design and metallic finish, which will define this phone is its hole.

The G5 part of a partial modular system that allows attaching various extensions or peripherals at the same phone with a single click by removing the bottom cover of the phone. One of them is the soporte LG Grip Cam Plus that makes it a traditional digital camera photos. The other has come to Barcelona is the system of high-fidelity sound Hi-Fi LG Plus with B & O PLAY . Here’s how it works


Setting and removing modules to LG G5

Our colleagues in Barcelona have been able to put on and take these two pieces to understand in detail its very simple mechanism: press the side button, drop a piece, take another piece and put it until it clicks, when it is subject.

The basic part or the standard battery module. It is also removable because you have to pass it from one device to another, or simply to take those up and want change in seconds.

LG G5, modular system

the era of modular smartphones has arrived. # LGG5

Posted by Engadget on Thursday, February 25, 2016

it is not a modular phone as it is because it is not completely dismantled, not all parts are interchangeable, but these three elements and they can get and make it a transformer your way.

LG Friends, peripheral non-modular

Playing a little cluelessness, Koreans have jumped on stage with several partners like Bang & Olufsen or Parrot to go presenting a series of devices also connect to the phone but not integrated into it.

This whole series is called LG Friends G5 and it does have a real relationship ecosystem because they recognize and connect between them on the fly, without manual configuration, thanks to an app of the same name. We have already seen six of these and see how they relate to your phone.

In these cases we can not speak of a single type of operation as above but for various types of connection because there are wired, Wifi or Bluetooth. Two of the most peculiar devices are the virtual reality goggles 360 VR or Rolling Bot, a multipurpose ball.

What LG has successful or not this strategy will depend much on the usual factors such as design and price, that is, that through the eye of buyers. But also that these facilities facility that we have seen will remain very clear to the public to avoid barriers to entry and that a climate can be created user-friendly by even come to form this circle . virtuoso fashion and gifts

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How the LG G5 modular system work? We show it to you in video
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February 27, 2016

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