How to access your computer from your Android phone with the new web of Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop

If you need to remotely access your computer through your Android mobile the best option is through the Chrome Remote Desktop. To be completely cross-platform allows us to access from Android to our Windows computer, Mac, or Linux, or Chrome OS, and its configuration is very simple, especially now that it has been released new web app to configure the remote access to our computers.

Now to install and configure our remote Desktop we just need to access the new web application Since we do not have to enter the Chrome Web Store, find the extension and discover how to set it up. The new web app will guide you step-by-step in your installation.

How to install the Chrome Remote Desktop on your PC

Remote Install

Nothing more to enter]( we see as his assistant tells us that we need to press on the download icon. We will open a window that will ask us if we want to install the extension “Chrome Remote Desktop”. We say that we want to add extension.

Remote Install 1

this Will install the extension in Chrome and it will download a file on our computer. By clicking Accept and install install the downloaded file. If not installed and displays an error, then we will have to look for the downloaded file and install it manually.

Remote Install

Configure our remote desktop

the Remote to Configure

once called the Remote Desktop we can configure our computer so that we can access it remotely from our Android device. To do this already so we just have to click on Activate.

Configure remote desktop

Now is when we will have to put a name to our team and a** PIN of at least 6 numbers**. The name will be to identify from the Chrome Remote Desktop our computer, and the PIN so that only we can access it.

Configure remote desktop

once you have the name and the PIN will already be completely set up our computer or laptop. It will be ready to access remotely from our Android.

remote Desktop

How to access your computer from Android

remote Desktop Android

To access remotely to your PC from Android you only need to install from Google Play the application Chrome Remote desktop. Just open the application because it will show us the list of equipment that we have configured in our Google account. We select a team, put the PIN and the screen of our computer will appear on the screen of our mobile.

Android Remote

From the screen of our mobile phone we can interact with our computer. When you touch the screen, move the cursor to perform actions remotely on our computer. Also, you can activate the Android keyboard to write in our PC.

remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

From the web app to the Chrome Remote Desktop also we can receive or request remote assistance. In this way we can help a family member or friend with you to solve any problem with your computer remotely. So you only need to enter the code generated by the Chrome remote Desktop.

Manage your remote desktops

Remote Edit

In the tab of a remote desktop will show the options to delete our account with that computer, or edit your information, change your name and PIN.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

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  • Android Version: the since 4.0
  • Developer: Google
  • Download: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: the Tools

In Xataka Android | Chrome remote Desktop already allows you to listen to the audio from your computer Windows or Linux

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How to access your computer from your Android phone with the new web of Chrome Remote Desktop
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